Welcome to the WP Mains about us page and we’re glad you want to know about us.

WP Mains is a group of bloggers, writers and content creators trying to educate people to make an online presence. Not only going online, but also how to stay updated in the digital era.

We strive hard to share the best of our knowledge which is mostly related to web trends, techniques, tools and online services. As a team, we dedicate our time to test the products thoroughly before suggesting to our readers.

Also, in this rapidly changing internet world, it’s a good practice to document the learnings so others can also benefits from our experiences.

How WP Mains started?


WP Mains is built with an intention to help people in making websites and create an online business. Don’t worry, I will not tell you to learn Web development and leave your business just for creating a website. In fact, you can easily create a website in just 10 minutes for your business.

On this website, we cover topics that will help you in building websites and making a good online presence.

If you’re curious to know more about how this website got started, I request you to please continue reading for 2 more minutes…


My name is Rohit and I am glad you visited WP Mains.

I passed out of college  and was full of energy to join a company for my first job.

Little did I know that the job will quickly drain out all my enthusiasm.

I started looking for something that I can learn after my job, but could not find what exactly I was trying to search for. May be for something that I can do in my part-time and earn some money out of it.

Fast forward to next year…..

It was in the month of September, I was watching videos on YouTube and saw a suggestion about Learn Digital Marketing.

It was a new term for me, I heard it for the very first time.

I got hooked on the videos and soon purchased a domain that I thought will make a hell lot of money. But things looked easy in the videos only!

It was my first blog – a food and travel blog.

I posted a number of articles and started sharing on all my social accounts. I was excited to see the traffic on the website which will give me money from AdSense.

I did not knew much about SEO, link building, keyword research, site structure, etc. and was publishing any random topics about travel places, food dishes, and whatnot without any keyword knowledge.

Eventually, I was disappointed and didn’t renew the domain itself. My first blog was dead!

A new beginning from upcoming year….

I joined as a Digital marketing executive in a Digital Agency where I was handling 10-12 international client websites. The websites were from a variety of niches and this way, I was learning different things that worked in a particular niche and were dead in other niches.

I learned a lot about SEO, backlinks, On/ Off-page techniques, content marketing, web designing, website development, etc.

In a few months, I switched to a new company and got to know about product marketing. This was a new path and I enjoyed every bit of it!

Talking to bloggers, discussing strategies, contextual link building, product mentions, webinars and so on…

As of now…

I have created websites as a freelancer, helped people fixing issues, optimized websites for higher rankings, published articles as a ghostwriter, and still learning many new things.

Besides, I also started learning web development for SEO purpose at first. But after some months, I am well versed with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Typescript, ReactJS, PHP, etc.

I thought to document all things I learned and share with people which might help them as well. This is how WP Mains started and I feel happy that you’re reading this which might help you in some way.

If you need anything, I will be just an email away.

Thanks for reading about WP Mains.

Talk soon!

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