11 Best AdSense WordPress themes (Hand Picked)

Best Adsense WordPress Themes

Are you looking for the best AdSense WordPress themes for growing your ad revenue?

Google Adsense can really help you scale your online income if you’re receiving a good amount of website visitors on your blog or eCommerce store. With the help of a good AdSense WordPress theme, you can make correct use of the ad placement and get the most number of clicks.

In this article, we’ll showcase some of the best AdSense WordPress themes that you can consider for your blogging website.

Top AdSense WordPress Themes

We have listed top-rated AdSense themes to create amazing mobile-optimized AdSense websites:

  1. Kadence
  2. Divi
  3. Schema
  4. GeneratePress
  5. Newspaper
  6. Admania
  7. Newsmag
  8. Ad-sense
  9. NewsOnline
  10. TruePixel
  11. SociallyViral

Let’s get started.

1. Kadence


Kadence is a lightweight, fast, and modern AdSense theme optimized for every device. It’s a multipurpose WordPress theme with all the features you expect from a premium article available in the free version.

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Its feature-rich and eye-catching design sets it apart from other available themes. Kadence theme comes with a comprehensive header builder which will let you edit your site’s featured images, add in logos and use cool header effects anywhere on your site.


  • Fast-loading theme
  • Pre-built website templates
  • Professional designs
  • Lightweight theme
  • Affordable premium version

2. Divi


Divi is one of the most feature-rich WordPress themes available on the web. Powering Divi is the Divi Builder, a state-of-the-art drag-and-drop builder that comes with front-end editing capabilities to help you build your perfect AdSense-enabled website.

Although Divi was not created as an AdSense-only WordPress theme, a few simple steps would allow you to quickly insert ads the same way that you might add widgets. One great thing about generators is the freedom to make them how you want and the opportunity to show off your creative abilities.


  • Divi page builder
  • Responsive Visual Editing
  • Pre-made design templates
  • Fast SEO-optimized themes
  • Many pre-built modules

3. Schema

schema theme

Schema is a highly professional WordPress theme designed to incorporate any style or a blogger’s interest in blogging. With Schema, your visitors will always stay fresh and up-to-date with the web content/items from recent posts consisting of social media integration and lots more!

It is lightweight, fast-loading, and SEO-friendly with a responsive layout that works perfectly on any screen size. It’s beautifully designed and simple to use with its many themes, full-width page template layouts, social media integration, and even more that puts you in full control of your blog!

Schema’s display ads can be embedded easily without the inclusion of a separate plugin. Its code is also built into an ad management panel where you can paste AdSense code to get its placement on your pages right.


  • Compatible with major algorithms
  • Secure and Lightweight Code
  • Seo friendly Elementor theme
  • Translation Ready theme
  • Built-in Reviews system

4. GeneratePress

generatepress theme

GeneratePress is a lightweight and performance-optimized AdSense theme. GeneratePress themes are designed to help writers publish material in a fast and easy way. These WordPress blog themes are light in size and load faster than other, bigger themes. The theme is stored on the web server with a small 15kb file of code – this makes it quick to load searches optimized per WordPress standards created by developers.

It comes with an Elementor page builder add-on that allows writers to build every element on their website using drag & drop interface for easier reading and publishing. Its lightweight design makes it easy to embed ads anywhere on your blogging website.


  • Lightweight theme
  • Rock-solid and super-fast code
  • Search engine optimized
  • Premium sites library
  • Many hooks and filters

5. Newspaper

The Newspaper WordPress theme is an excellent option for news and entertainment websites. This theme is brilliantly optimized for banner and inline AdSense ads, so you can make money from your visitors. Ad placements are responsive (just like the rest of your site), which is helpful for mobile viewers.

6. Admania

Admania theme

Admania is a ThemeForest theme with multiple homepage layouts, which is important for building multiple blogs by the same provider. The theme has overall positive biased reviews which makes it suitable for beginners looking to make money through AdSense. It offers a user-friendly panel that you can use to add advertisements on the side panel.

Admania is an advanced theme for creating AdSense-friendly websites and has schema markup, which makes it especially search engine optimized. Therefore, sellers often create reports about their products here and let prospective buyers learn more about available processes on their websites.

7. Newsmag

Newsmag takes everything you need to get your own news site going and turns it into a convenient WordPress Theme. There are dozens of demos and widgets to help you create captivating articles about anything and everything.

Plus, Newsmag has embedded 25 videos for your entertainment and even lets you rate them via stars to signal which ones your readers may enjoy the most!

8. Ad-sense

Ad-Sense, designed for Google Adsense users, is a theme that’s intended to maximize the earnings potential of your display marketing efforts. This means you can showcase your ads in multiple locations on your site, including in the header, where they’ll be most noticeable.

By including these extra options in your design, you’ll be able to create a more effective online store that responds to key business objectives. The ability to increase clickthroughs and conversions is one of the more important factors in this regard.

9. NewsOnline

NewsOnline is an elegant theme from MyThemeShop that offers you multiple ways to generate revenue with AdSense. The theme is designed to streamline and enhance your site, creating a pleasing experience for readers as well as search engines.

NewsOnline boasts a clean, modern, and simple design that makes it suitable for news, magazine, or blog sites. One of the reasons why this theme is so good is because it offers responsive features as well as support for retina displays among other things.

Some of the other features are great-looking typography options and modern icons to style your site, plus themed secondary menus which are very convenient when used on mobile devices.

10. TruePixel

TruePixel is a responsive WordPress theme with AdSense optimization and SEO capabilities. It is fully capable of creating a high-quality blog with accompanying display ads.

TruePixel makes it especially easy for beginner bloggers who want to create quality blogs without having to go through the complicated process of using a difficult theme or finding one that offers options not designed for beginners.

11. SociallyViral

SociallyViral - adsense wordpress themes

SociallyViral was developed for viral sites, content-sharing websites, and social media, which can drive huge traffic that will help you increase your revenue.

The theme developers have included some built-in features like CTAs and newsletter signups as well as social buttons so that your readers can share the content of your website across the web. The theme is also adjusted to include formatting that is optimized for social sharing on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

12. Cyberchimps Responsive theme

Cyberchimps Responsive Theme

Cyberchimps Responsive is a modern, SEO-friendly WordPress theme that is really good for running adsense on your WordPress website.

The Cyberchimps Responsive theme loads immediately, providing your customers with a great user experience. It looks beautiful on all devices such as desktops, mobile and tablets.

With the Responsive Pro version, you can even extend the theme customizer settings. This plugin unlocks 150+ premium website templates and includes Responsive Pro plugin and Responsive Elementor Addons.


  • Adsense compatible
  • Free Starter Templates
  • Optimized for Speed
  • SEO friendly
  • Related Posts

Which is the Best AdSense WordPress Theme?

Now that you know so many AdSense WordPress themes that you can use on your website, it’s natural to think which one is the best AdSense theme for you.

If you’re looking to provide an overall good experience to your users and are serious about the design part, then you should look no further than the Divi theme. You can also consider the Kadence theme for its speed, new generation code standards, and recent fastest-growing themes.

Whereas if you’re only focused on getting more clicks and AdSense revenue, then you can use a Newspaper type of theme that will get you maximum clicks.

We hope this article helped you select the best AdSense WordPress theme for your website. If you like this article, consider checking out our articles that revolve around the same topics:

This brings us to the end of this article.

Let us know which AdSense WordPress themes did you select for growing online income in the comment section below.

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