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astra security review

Are you looking for a legit Astra Security review?

As a business owner, your focus is on running a business and growing traffic online, but even a single brute force attack or a malware attack can bring down your traffic to zero. Your credentials can be hacked just after a few attempts and all your data will be exposed to hackers.

Just imagine if your business gets hacked! There is no need to explain the harm that can be done to your clients and to your enterprise database.

However, there are many security tools available in the market to protect you from threats and attacks, while you continue to grow your business. One such incredible tool is Astra Web Security.

Astra security suite offers ultimate security to your online business by blocking brute force attacks, SEO spams, SQL injections, Cross-site scripting, and 100+ other cybersecurity threats. It’s a perfect firewall for your business meaning you can be assured everything will be handled by Astra security.

Before we jump into the detailed Astra security review, here is a quick summary of the points that we will cover in this post.

What is Astra security?

Astra Security is a Software as a service platform that will prevent your online business from 100+ types of cyberattacks such as SQL injection, Brute Force attacks, malware attacks, SEO spamming activities, and bad bots on the internet.

See what people are saying about Astra Security Suite:

Astra Security has a more than 4.9-star rating out of 5 on Trustpilot.

Astra security trustpilot

And more than 4.8-star rating on Capterra for their service and support

Astra security reviews
Astra security review

Notable Features of Astra Security:

Below are some of the most notable features of the Astra security suite that will help us understand more about the security steps performed to safeguard your online business.


Astra firewall acts like a shield protecting your website from all kinds of online attacks like SQL injections, Cross-site scripting attacks, brute force attacks, bad bots from search engines, website hacking attempts, and SEO spamming.

You can block IP addresses and even whitelist some country codes to avoid hacking attempts. With the help of attacker profiling, you can get an overview of the attacker’s IP, and country and add whitelist parameters as preventive measures.

Malware scanner

With Astra security’s malware scanner, you can scan your website at any time.

The number of scans is unlimited and you can get a fair idea of the malicious code and changes that need to be made in the respective files. Powered by Marchove chain machine learning methods, the test scans get better and smarter each time. The threat detection method also gets evolved every time, thanks to the collective intelligence machine learning approach.

In case this feels time-consuming, you can schedule automatic scans that will run daily, weekly or monthly as per the settings. The final scan reports will be delivered to your email in PDF format so you can easily monitor the threats and make the changes to keep things secure and updated.

Website Penetration testing

Penetration testing helps you prevent possible threats that can be done by someone. The idea is to try attacking your website or online business just like a hacker would do.

For example, what would be the possible steps taken by someone to exploit your website and thereby close all the doors of exploitation beforehand. The process can be both manual and automated.

Why choose the Astra Security suite?

We have already discussed some of the important features of the Astra Security Suite.

Apart from those features, we’re going in-depth on why you should opt for Astra over other security tools available online.

All-time protection:

Astra Security works 24/7 to protect your website from SQL injections, SEO spam, and bad search engine bots. Their threat analytics dashboard gives you a clear picture of the threats and how Astra stopped them.

Control extensions:

Astra security allows you to scan all the files that can be uploaded to the website.

You can easily block the file extensions that you do not want to allow the users to upload on your website thereby preventing malicious code uploads.

Email reports:

Astra malware scanner will automatically send the reports to your email so you don’t need to wait for downloading reports while the scans are running.

WP Hardening:

It is a tool from the Astra security suite that performs real-time security audit and guide you to take the required security measures. WP Audit option keeps a check on the WordPress version, plugin version, PHP version, and file permissions.

WP hardening also takes care of the XMlRPC, hide directory listing of your WordPress plugins and themes, remove version numbers from the scripts and hide version number so nobody can access that data as well.


Astra security support is fast and the team helps to resolve the issues as soon as possible. They are available via email as well as chat support.

Astra Security Review: Pricing Plans

Astra security suite is quite affordable and comes in three plans.

Astra security review pricing plans

The Pro plan starts at just $19/month. It offers a solid firewall, automatic malware scanner, blacklist monitoring, IP address blocking, GDPR consent, and so on.

The advanced plan starts at $39/month and the business plan starts at $119/month which covers more than 500+ security tests, security consultation, and a dedicated account manager for up to 6 team members.

Astra Security Review: Pros and cons

Now that we’ve covered many important points in the Astra Security review, it’s time to check the finally list some Pros and Cons of the Astra Security Suite.

Astra Security Pros:

  • Ease of use
  • Easy setup options
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Astra is available at very low price as compared to other security tools
  • 24/7 Live Rep support
  • Astra security is compatible with major CMS’s


  • Test needs more transparency
  • Support can be slower sometimes
  • Documentation can be improved
  • No frequent updates for the free WordPress plugin

Astra Security Review: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the Astra Security Suite.

What is Astra Security?

Astra Security is a Software as a Service suite that secures businesses from cyber threats and helps find any possible vulnerabilities in the system.

Do I need to have coding skills to use Astra Security?

Absolutely not! You do not need any coding skills or technical knowledge in order to use Astra Security Suite.

Does Astra Security support WordPress?

Yes, Astra Security Suite supports WordPress as well as many other CMS like Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Will Astra Security slow down my website?

No, it will not slow down your website at all.

Can Astra security fix my hacked website?

Absolutely, with the help of Astra’s security team, your website can be back up and running in less than 4 hours.

How much time will the malware cleanup take?

A scan can typically take up to 30 minutes, besides a hacked site can be fixed within 4 hours

Is Astra Security legit?

Astra Security is a legal platform that helps you scan the malware on your website. In this Astra security review, we’ve compiled all the features you get in the platform to make your website secure and legit.

Wrapping up Astra Security Review

In this Astra security suite review article, we have gone through different features that can secure your online business. Not only it will help you work without any worries but also you’re backed by the customer success team at Astra security.

We have overviewed the pricing plans of Astra security, and the prices are quite comparative and affordable as compared to other security tools available. Lastly, security should be your utmost concern when building an online business because you will not want some hacker to destroy your hard work in just a few clicks.

If you’re still confused to go ahead with the Astra security suite, try it out as you’re covered with a risk-free refund policy.

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