11 High Paying Antivirus Affiliate Programs

Best Antivirus affiliate programs

Did you ever wonder what will happen if all your data is locked one day? Similarly, what will happen if all the crucial files for your business are corrupt? You’ll certainly not realize this immediately. However, one small mistake is all it takes for a virus to enter your system.

Being a part of an antivirus affiliate program is not only about money but also for a social cause. Few benefit of being in such antivirus affiliate programs is to make people aware of such threats. Further, you can earn with these programs with a higher margin per sale. The offer is too good to miss out on.

Best Antivirus Affiliate Programs to join in 2020

Every anti-virus program sounds security assuring to us, but that is not always the case. In short, they need to be established and true to their promise. Let’s look into the details of the antivirus affiliate programs.

1. Total AV Affiliate Program

Total AV

Total AV offers one of the best antivirus affiliate programs to cover more than antivirus needs. Further, they’ve been constantly developing to provide recent malware solutions. Their astonishing security solutions have been helpful for the affiliates to generate high conversion leads for a long time.


  • Become an affiliate for more than 22 security tools.
  • In addition, get a personal manager to guide you for impactful affiliate program management.
  • Easy management and tracking of sales.

How much can you make with this Total AV affiliate program?

You can earn up to 70$ as a commission fee whenever the visitor completes a sale. However, the sale consists of signing up for a paid account.

2. Heimdal Affiliate Program


Heimdal has to be the pioneer in its field by providing a wide range of necessary tools. Therefore, they can assure guaranteed data security. In addition, antivirus is a part of it. They can protect you at your workplace and at home by personalizing products to prevent cybercrime.


  • Get the promotional materials in multilingual options for effective conversions.
  • Also, additional assured rewards are based on performances.
  • Highest cookie life support for tracking, for around 90 days.

How much can you make with this Heimdal affiliate program?

They claim to have the highest revenue share in the industry. Moreover, the affiliates can get a 50% discount on all the Heimdal products.

3. BullGuard Affiliate Program


BullGuard has been securing the devices of over 53 million people in the span of 19 years. They’ve expanded and integrated with technologies like IoT and machine learning. Therefore, BullGuard is packed with next-generation detection systems. In addition, they’ve still been able to manage their products at the lowest cost. Further, they also come up with huge discount offers frequently.


  • Moreover, get a free trial subscription for everyone on the products.
  • A vast range of countries and languages are supported by the affiliate program. Also, track cookies for up to 90 days.

How much can you make with this BullGuard affiliate program?

You can begin from the base of 35% per successful sale as a commission. Consequently, it can range up to 50% depending on factors such as conversion rate.

4. Panda Security Affiliate Program

Panda Security

Panda Security Affiliate Program is the only organization to be able to integrate advanced detection and cybersecurity techniques. In addition, they’ve been implementing their own patented technology in their antivirus software. Panda Security has also been ranked first in antivirus software and affiliate programs.


  • Customizable affiliate discounts and performance-based additional incentives.
  • Similarly, provision of additional support for the planning of the promotional campaign.
  • Highest commission rates than most of the antivirus affiliate programs.

How much can you make with this Panda Security affiliate program?

You can make around 50% of commission on every successful renewal and sale. In addition, there are extra incentives involved that depend on your content, strategies, and creative promotions.

5. Avast Affiliate Program


Avast deals with 435 million users. Further, it safeguards the devices by blocking over 66 million threats every single day. It is also available for platforms like IOS, Android, and tablets. Moreover, Avast also protects from more than six types of security vulnerabilities associated with viruses and malware.


  • Get a free setup and protect yourself with the necessary features. 
  • In addition, reach people in around 180 countries with 43 languages supported.
  • Get affiliated with a wide range of products. Also, they provide a cookie period of 45 days.

How much can you make with this Avast affiliate program?

You can earn up to 25% commission on every successful sale. Further, you’re also subjected to their special rewards based on your performance.

6. Intego Affiliate Program


Intego deals with premium MAC products only. Therefore, it prevents the specific operating system based malware and viruses. For the affiliate marketers, they also provide full support with additional tools and software to track your performance as an affiliate. 


  • The only security service providing anti-virus solutions solely for Mac products. Track your conversion rate with a 45 day cookie period.
  • Get not only banners but also the worthy content for publishing purpose.
  • In addition, get a chance to become an affiliate for home and business products individually.

How much can you make with this Intego affiliate program?

From a fixed base commission of 15%, you can earn as much as 50%.

7. Eset Affiliate Program


Eset has been an organization that provided specialized solutions based on malware and viruses. Further, they’ve been since 30 years in the industry and have spread to over 200 countries in a short span. The Eset has been receiving global awards for its efficiency in securing antivirus.


  • 45-day cookie policy for an affiliate program.
  • In addition, get customized coupons for every occasion.
  • Moreover, get recurring commission generation on every renewal made through your affiliate link.

How much can you make with this Eset affiliate program?

You can earn 20% of the commission from every sale or renewal that you make. However, the commission rate remains varying.

8. Avira Affiliate Program


Avira has been securing over 500 million people over 30 years. Moreover, their technologies are progressing constantly to block 30 million threats every month. You can get most of the features for free through their ‘freemium’ plans.


  • Get antivirus plans for every background and field individually (for example, health, education, business, etc).
  • In addition, they are GDPR compliant. They use emerging technologies such as AI.
  • Get attractive deals and free versions to use. 

How much can you make with this Avira affiliate program?

For every successful sale, you can get 25% of the commission. Further, competitive commission rates are available.

9. AVG Affiliate Program


AVG provides the best solution for your digital data and devices within the lowest plans annually. Their free benefits are also enough to keep any person away from threats. 

On the other hand, they provide newsletters as a part of the affiliate program along with the other content.


  • Assured rewards, bonuses, and incentives. However, fixed commission price.
  • In addition, get a 60 days cookie policy.
  • Further, get monthly payouts through wired or bank transfer.

How much can you make with this AVG affiliate program?

One can earn a base of 25% per sale on a wide range of AVG products. Moreover, withdrawals are approved only when a threshold of 25 USD is reached.

10. WebRoot Affiliate Program


WebRoot believes in providing intelligent solutions by analysing recent threats to stay ahead of recent malware. They’ve got intelligent solutions to detect over 13,000 malicious IP. On the other hand, you can even get optimized sales solutions by being a part of such antivirus affiliate programs.


  • 120-days of cookie association. 
  • ISO compliant for securing the customer’s data.
  • In addition, they are securing the networks of over 30 leading organizations.

How much can you make with this WebRoot affiliate program?

The commission keeps varying with every referral. Further, they claim to give out good affiliate commissions.

11. 360 Total Security Affiliate Program

360 total Security

360 Total Security is best with its security features and intelligent detection systems. For instance, it has a real-time detection system that approves certain actions if permitted. In addition, provides the highest free attributes of all the above-mentioned programs.


  • Get monthly payouts along with the promotional material.
  • Get associated with their recent blogs. Further, it’ll help in making sales by pitching the right points.
  • Moreover, get 90 days cookie period to track the transaction.

How much can you make with this 360 Total Security program?

You can earn a base commission of up to 30% with this antivirus affiliate program. 

Antivirus Affiliate Programs: Conclusion

We have seen that all the antivirus affiliate programs are providing attractive commissions. Anyone with little knowledge about anti-virus can be a part.

A person who can share the importance of antivirus can become a good affiliate. In addition, they can spread this message on their blogs, social media, and youtube channels.  

This program is ideal for a person who reviews various new technologies and product launches. Above all, guiding people into buying the right antivirus products through your affiliate links can save them from viruses and malware., it can also help you to earn money with every single conversion.

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