Best Cybersecurity affiliate programs to promote

Cybersecurity affiliate programs

What is it like to know that digital assets can be under attack every 39 seconds? You never know if yours is the next one!

With over expected growth of 24 billion USD by 2023, it is undeniably true that cyber-attacks happen on an unimaginably large scale. For businesses, big or small, data is the most critical part of their growth. Over 64 billion USD is spent on securing such assets as data and devices every year, and thus, there needs to be comprehensive scale awareness of cybersecurity. 

However, if you’re someone who likes to influence people through various mediums on such topics, then you might stand a chance to earn through affiliate marketing. Most of them offer the highest commissions on referrals as well. 

best Cybersecurity affiliate programs to look out for

As we’ve known about the programs discussed in this article over a glance, let us now compare their benefits and competitive commission rates. You can also check the company’s services and offerings on the go by these top cybersecurity affiliate programs.

  1. Sitelock affiliate program
  2. Panda Security affiliate program
  3. Avast security affiliate program
  4. Get Astra
  5. Heimdal Security
  6. Sucuri 
  7. Trend Micro
  8. Comodo
  9. Norton affiliate program
  10. Acunetix
  11. IT Governance USA

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Let’s get to our list of the best cybersecurity affiliate programs that you can use to run your affiliate marketing business.

With that said, let’s begin.

1. Sitelock 

Sitelock cybersecurity affiliate programs

Sitelock has, by far, secured over 12 million websites across the US, and this is one of the biggest giants in the cybersecurity domain. Besides, you can get your website secured across any technical platform such as WordPress and Joomla.


  • Get the annual security plan for as low as $149.
  • Affiliates get direct access to the portal with the dedicated manager.
  • High conversions due to services like WAF, automated malware removal, and VPN.

How much can you make with this Sitelock affiliate program?

Sitelock offers anywhere between $25- $125 depending on the plans purchased by your affiliate traffic. 

2. Panda Security

Panda Security cybersecurity affiliate programs

Panda Security provides integrated solutions for end-point security for businesses. It can help to control and secure your digital assets remotely. With the Pandasecurity plans, get secured from over seven types of threats, including insiders.


  • Cost-effective solutions to prevent any current or future threats.
  • One of the highest commission rates in the cybersecurity domain. 
  • The user base of over 30 million across 180 countries.

How much can you make with this PandaSecurity affiliate program?

With the cybersecurity affiliate programs offered by Panda Security, you can earn as much as 50% as a commission.

3. astra Web Security

Getastra cybersecurity affiliate programs

Get Astra security offers solutions in case your website is already hacked. If not, they’ve ultimate services to secure it and conduct an audit to check whether the devices are secure and compliant. They provide entire security checklists in a single package.


  • 60 day cookie period for tracking sales with monthly payouts.
  • You can give a discount of 5% to your affiliate traffics for higher conversions.
  • Refer to an all-in-one security solution with readymade content and infographics.

How much can you make with this Get Astra affiliate program?

Get a commission of 25% with the Get Astra affiliate program.

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4. Avast 


Avast offers its unique cybersecurity solutions on all the recent trending technologies. You can also use their free antivirus software to safeguard your devices. Also, get their ‘Pro’ solutions for as low as $5 every month.


  • Get a 60 day cookie period to track your sales effectively. 
  • Get special rewards based on performance. Also, get affiliate-only rewards, offers, and newsletters. 
  • Avast has been successful in securing over 1.6 billion cyber-attacks across the globe. 

How much can you make with this Avast affiliate program?

With the Avast affiliate program, you can earn as much as 25% of sales as commission.

5. Heimdal Security 

Heimdal Security

Heimdal Security offers various security solutions right from fraud detections, antimalware, patching, and DNS solutions. It has successfully secured over 6000 companies and has a user base of over 1.2 million. 


  • A cookie period of 90 days to track your sales.
  • Get special offers and performance-based incentives as an affiliate. 
  • Unique company solutions that are available nowhere. 

How much can you make with this Heimdal Security affiliate program?

With the cybersecurity affiliate programs by Heimdal, you can earn a commission of 50%.

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6. Sucuri 


Sucuri offers three comprehensive solutions through its affiliate programs, each being uniquely curated according to the needs. Use their basic plans with ample amenities for as low as $199 only. 


  • Thirty days of cookie period to track your sales effectively.
  • Earn anywhere in between $29- $210 depending on the affiliate plans.
  • Thirty days of money-back guarantee on every purchase plan.

How much can you make with this Sucuri affiliate program?

With the cybersecurity affiliate programs offered by Sucuri, you get a base commission of 25% on all sales.

7. Trendmicro

Trendmicro cybersecurity affiliate programs

Trendmicro has security resources on IoT, 5G, risk management, and cloud-based technologies. You can also access their educational resources and certifications for free. 


  • Get access to banners and promotional materials to enhance sales.
  • Payouts at as low as $50 only.
  • Become an affiliate to the highest selling security solutions by Trendmicro.

How much can you make with this Trend Micro affiliate program?

With the Trend Micro affiliate program, earn up to 20% on all sales. 

8. Comodo


Comodo offers two affiliate programs, namely SSL affiliate and Consumer affiliate. Besides, they provide free antivirus, forensic analysis, and secure remote connect tools for all enterprises. 


  • Get solutions to over 18 different types of cybersecurity issues.
  • Also, get a recurring commission on renewals.
  • Free SSL (that is really secure) can be generated within minutes through Comodo.

How much can you make with this Comodo affiliate program?

With the Comodo affiliate programs, earn as much as 50% as a commission on all sales.  

9. Norton 


Norton offers security solutions for as low as $39 per year covering VPN plans, parental locks, and darknet monitoring. Moreover, get their free trials and cover over nine different types of well-known threats.


  • 60-day cookie policy to effectively track sales. 
  • Get trial versions of 7 and 30 days, respectively.
  • Get access to over 40 different types of tools. 

How much can you make with this Norton affiliate program?

Get 20% of sales as a commission fee with the Norton affiliate program. 

10. Acunetix 


Acunetix is a superior choice of most of the companies listed in the fortune 500. A scanning tool with minimal false positives, it is useful in vulnerability management and compliance reporting. 


  • Trusted and partnered with over 6000 companies.
  • Static and dynamic analysis with an active monitoring system.
  • Get an NFR license along with your affiliate program.

How much can you make with this Acunetix affiliate program?

The commissions through the affiliate program are not mentioned, but they offer competitive and recurring benefits.

11. IT Governance USA 

IT Governance USA

IT Governance USA is undeniably the one-stop solution for security tools, solutions, awareness, training, and consultations. Due to many solutions at a single point, there are easy conversions from the affiliate traffic. 


  • Affiliation of over 21 leading security pioneers.
  • Attractive offers for impactful conversions.
  • Various compliances, tools, resources, and services are available with IT Governance USA.

How much can you make with this IT Governance US affiliate program?

With the IT Governance USA affiliate program, you can gain as much as 10% commission on every sale.

Towards the Conclusion

As we wrap up with the best cybersecurity affiliate programs to look out for, most of them come with attractive offers for the affiliates and their benefits. These are the leading giants in the cybersecurity sector and can promise you high conversions with trustworthy sales. 

As we move towards recommendations, the affiliates’ most beneficial programs are Astra Security, Pandasecurity, Avast, and Heimdal. They are rich in commission rates and provide promotional materials, including infographics. 

Thus, if you love to recommend to people the new cybersecurity trends, you should not miss out on this extraordinary opportunity of earning as you promote. Go ahead and choose the best one for you. 

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