Top Bitcoin affiliate programs for earning millions in commissions

Bitcoin affiliate programs

Always interested in being an affiliate, but ever thought that bitcoins will give you that opportunity? Probably, bitcoins are the least sought places where affiliate programs would run.

It is easy and well-explained like on any other platform, but what makes it different is earning in cryptocurrency. Now that you’re reading this let me tell you how to earn with Bitcoin affiliate programs being an affiliate marketer.

These are just like any other affiliate programs wherein you can earn a side streaming income for a lifetime. Using the referral links, one is good to go with their journey of affiliate marketing and influencing.

Moreover, let us see different platforms and companies that are actively growing due to their well-known affiliation programs and how you can earn in bitcoins!

Before we move towards the plan and structure, let us know about the leading giants of bitcoin that we’ll be today talking about.

The Leading Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

Among the plethora of opportunities, please choose the right one. However, it needs to be chosen with thoughtfulness and sensibility. We’ve grouped the best ones below and adhering to the structure, and you can land up on your desired cryptocurrency affiliate program.

If you own an influencing medium, then go ahead to make the best of it!

1. Binance Affiliate Program

binance bitcoin affiliate programs

Binance, being the world’s biggest cryptocurrency trading platform, owns the privilege of having a 2 billion user base and more than 14 lakh transactions every second. Being on this platform can get you being a part of Binance, and sharing your affiliate links can help you achieve up to 40% of the commission every trade. Not the one to be missed!


  • Unique option of Kickback to share a commission with your affiliate traffic.
  • Can trade from any device or platform with an API program.
  • World’s leading and highly populated Bitcoin platform.

How much can you earn with Binance Affiliate Program?
One can earn up to 20% of your affiliate traffic has less than 500 BNB and 40% if the BNB is above 500. You can also choose to share the commission with your friends.

2. Changelly Affiliate Program

changelly bitcoin affiliate programs

Changelly works on one straightforward concept of currency exchange. They deal with almost every cryptocurrency that exists. Let’s assume you have some share of BTC, and then you can exchange it into over 150+ currencies in at least possible time.

Every swap at just a 0.25% fee. Unbelievably true and thus, one of the effortless ways to provide services in the cryptocurrency domain.


  • A large variety of tracking tools and convertible widgets
  • Earn up to 60% from crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto trades.
  • You can perform an exchange even from your blog with Changelly.

How much can you earn with the Changelly Affiliate Program?
One can earn easily from 50% to 60% whenever someone performs any exchange trade using your crypto affiliate link.

3. Affiliate Program has 3 million users on the platforms, and with 0% funds lost since their establishment. This bitcoin affiliate program has enticed its users with many features such as security solutions and easy trade options ranging from multiple platform support.


  • Various features such as exchange, aggregation, and brokerage.
  • Supports Android, IOS, and other range of APIs.
  • Variable limits of deposit and withdrawal at varying phases.

How much can you earn with Affiliate Program?
You can earn up to 30% of the transaction fees as a commission from every affiliate link.

4. Coinbase Affiliate Program

coinbase bitcoin affiliate programs

Coinbase is one of the secure and the easiest options to go to if you’re looking for a cryptocurrency exchange or even bitcoin affiliate programs.

It would be best if you did as little as spreading your affiliate link and then enjoy the benefits of up to 50% of the sales. With over 35 million users spanning over 100 regions of the world, you can choose to be a crypto affiliate on this platform to get earnings in your local currency effectively.


  • Payout to affiliates in local currencies.
  • Provisions of banners and other customizations like landing pages for impactful conversion.
  • Track your progress with auto-generated reports.

How much can you earn with Coinbase Affiliate Program?
You can earn around 50% for the first 3 months using your referral links.

5.Trezor Affiliate Program


Trezor needs to be on your list if you’re looking for bitcoin affiliate programs. They deal with protecting your cryptocurrency associated data with their secure hardware wallets. This is the giant in Bitcoins that deals with the storage over the exchange.

Beyond the banners, your manager can provide you with requested add-ons to effectively generate sales.


  • Different programs for affiliates, resellers, and bulk orders.
  • Offline backup of data available with a unique seed-like character code.
  • Monthly payouts with 2 different modes of payment and an assisting team available for support.

How much can you earn with the Trezor Affiliate Program?
You can make up to 12%- 15% of every successful sale using your affiliate link

6. Local Bitcoins Affiliate Program

local bitcoins

Local Bitcoins has got simple steps to keep earning after every trade made by your affiliate traffic. This bitcoin affiliate program generally drives out the payment with Bitcoins only. Your transaction is protected by escrow protection.

You can store on the website wallet and then initiate the trade with the people. The process is safe, and the transaction is completed in minutes. However, for a beginner affiliate venturing into bitcoin needs to grab this opportunity.


  • Daily Payouts
  • Decentralized and peer-to-peer exchange.
  • Most comprehensive range of payment methods to buy BTC

How much can you earn with the LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program?
Assuming that the buyer and seller both are driven from your affiliate traffic, if they exchange with 100 BTC (the most straightforward example), you can earn up to 0.4 BTC (assuming 20% of trading fees from each side).

7. Ledger Affiliate Program


Ledger safeguards your digital assets and other crucial data from malicious intents of the attackers from being stolen. They deal with innovative solutions in creating hardware wallets.

The Ledger affiliate program is a very remarkable example for you in this context. The process, however, remains the same. In addition to this, they have banners, illustrations, promoting material, campaigning portal, real-time mapper, and availability round the clock for you.


  • Safest trending technologies like Nano S & Nano X.
  • Highest followed and maintained security compliances
  • Over 18,000 affiliates and safeguards over 26 coins.

How much can you earn with the Ledger Affiliate Program? A unique, identifiable affiliate link blended with your influencing voice can get you around 10% of the sale commission.

8. CryptoTrader.Tax


CryptoTrader.Tax is one of the unusual domains in the world of cryptocurrency. Here you can generate your tax reports using their various integrated tools and provide comprehensive information in the least time.

Considering multiple factors such as tax structure and audit reports, you can export various documents with a click. Taxes and documentation have never been this easy!


  • Recurring commission of 25% per report with effective tracking.
  • The threshold withdrawal limit is as low as 30$.
  • Get the report downloaded in minutes.

How much can you earn with the CryptoTrader.Tax Affiliate Program?
The minimum you can earn is 25% per report that is purchased. Other than that, there is a variable chance of earning via sharing affiliate links for making people sign up on the website.

Towards the Conclusion

We want to add that every bitcoin program stands unique and efficient in their ways. One must decide their user base, means of digital promotion, and practical strategies before moving on.

One can become an expert using the crypto affiliate program themed on the bitcoins. Many crypto affiliates are prominently leading this domain and excelling too.

As far as the brands are concerned, these programs like Trezor, Coinbase, and Binance have over millions of trusted user bases and are the pioneers of the Bitcoin affiliate programs. Many are on the path of successful establishments already!

Moreover, for someone with a desire towards bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, it needs to get started right away!

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