Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021 – 70% Off Discount

Cloudways Black Friday Deal

Cloudways Black Friday Deal Date:

Sale Starts on 27th November and Ends on 1st December

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Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021 – 70% Off

Whatever you look for while choosing a hosting solution, Cloudways Black Friday Deal has got it all at an unbelievable price! Cloudways have not only done well out of other hosting plans but also it has grown with Vultr High-Frequency Compute Servers for the efficiency of performances ever.

Moreover, this is not just it! It is sporadic for an organization to provide free hosting trials to its users. Just so you are sure of what you’re investing into, Cloudways provides the free 14 days trial version and 96.7% of happy customers. They have hosted over 91, 872 individuals and enterprises combined and are moving with a pace towards increasing their figures.

No other infrastructure providers or traditional hosting providers can provide you with advanced cache features, 60+ data centres, unlimited applications installations, built-in SQL manager, and smart assistance.

With Cloudways, you can handle not only website cloning, but multiple PHP versions, auto-healing, and advanced server management with a single click.
If this is what you’re looking for in a hosting provider, then click here to grab the Cloudways Black Friday Deal to get surprisingly 70% off.

We are going to look about more remarkable features to choose Cloudways, read on to know more.

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Cloudways Black Friday Hosting Plans offer

Cloudways Black Friday Hosting Plans are offering the following deals that are not to be missed this sale. They have hosting plans offerings depending on the platform we choose. But the basics are as follows:

Plan 1:

  • 25 GB storage and 1TB bandwidth
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 1 GB RAM and a single-core processor

Plan 2:

  • 50 GB storage and 2TB bandwidth
  • Free SSL and CDN Add-on
  • 2 GB RAM and a single-core processor

Plan 3:

  • 80 GB storage and 4TB bandwidth
  • Regular security patching and auto-healing
  • 4 GB RAM and a dual-core processor

Plan 4:

  • 160 GB storage and 5TB bandwidth
  • Dedicated team for real-time monitoring.
  • 8 GB RAM and quad-core processor

Grab The Deal At 70% Off Now!

Why choose Cloudways?


With the Vultr High-Frequency Compute servers, you can now experience a speed 40% faster than the standard servers. All thanks to the 3+ GHz processors, NVMe SSD storage, and low latency memory.


You can migrate your first website from any other hosting company to Cloudways for free. You have also ensured hassle-free migration and post-migration support with a ‘no-bugs guaranteed’ process.


You can have secure access to your files and folders through SSH and SFTP. Besides, get free SSL, hardware firewalls, auto-healing servers, and regular OS patches.


With over 70,000+ downloads and compatibility over various platforms, Breeze cache management by Cloudways can perform with Varnish and CDN. It also optimizes internal caching and data management.


Get support on every smallest issue of yours at any time of the day or the year. You can also raise the tickets and get expert-curated solutions. 

More features of Cloudways Hosting?

  • Manage multiple databases for your website.
  • Built-in fundamental website cache eradication. No additional installations are necessary.
  • Add-ons starting for as low as 1$ per month.
  • Real-time monitoring on the website and servers.
  • Cloudways bot can customize your alerts and other tasks.

Grab The Deal At 70% Off Now!

How To Activate Cloudways Black Friday Discount 2021?

Step 1:

To avail the Cloudways Black Friday Discount 2021, you can click the button below. You can choose your desired plan and can click on ‘Start Free’.

Step 2:

During the checkout process, fill in your details and start your free trial. 

Step 3:

The coupon will be auto-applied, and you’ll be charged according to your plan once your free trial is over.

Grab The Deal At 70% Off Now!

Cloudways Black Friday Deal FAQs

What is the Cloudways Black Friday coupon for 2021?

Here is the Cloudways Black Friday coupon for 2021 where you can save up to 70% of the total cost on the premium plans. 

How many discounts can I get during the Cloudways Black Friday sale?

You can get a discount of up to 70% on the Cloudways Black Friday sale. This deal can save you hefty expenses in the search for a perfect hosting solution.

How to get the Cloudways Black Friday deal?

You’ll have to grab the Cloudways Black Friday deal by following the link here. After that, you can enjoy a free trial for a few days before the actual plan begins.

Does Cloudways offer a free domain?

No, Cloudways doesn’t offer a free domain. But they offer a variety of add-ons and unlimited features that are more worthy than the free domain.

Cloudways suitable for bloggers?

Cloudways is a recommendable choice for the blogger as it offers the right amount of features managed automatically that a blogger will need regularly.  

Final words on the Cloudways hosting solution

As we come towards the conclusion, we’d like to recommend Cloudways hosting solution to everyone who wants all-around features at a minimal cost. In addition to it, Cloudways excel in the basic needs of every website such as security, speed, cache, and migration- most of them free of cost! What more can be asked for?

Additionally, the nine different hosting services in various technologies such as Lavaral, PHP, Magento, and two cloud-based platforms can help you have options for resizing and scaling your existing website without having to move anywhere else. 

Tell us that you’re now absolutely interested in choosing the Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021. If not, we’ve got more reasons to tell you why!

Grab The Deal At 70% Off Now!

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