Best Credit card affiliate programs to earn big commissions

Credit cards affiliate programs

Do you think you know it all when it comes to credit cards? Are you looking to make a decent income along with reviewing and providing information regarding credit cards? This article speaks about it all. 

With the seven major types of credit cards excluding the minor ones, there are rewarding credit card affiliate programs associated with them. Thus, today’s article will discuss the best affiliate programs in the credit card industry and the benefits of being associated with them.  

The best credit card affiliate programs to look for

Anyone can choose to prefer these credit card affiliate programs due to their competitive commission rates and popularity. Apart from this, these programs come with additional benefits that are discussed as follows.

  • Bankrate credit card affiliate program
  • TransUnion affiliate program
  • American Express Canada
  • Capital Bank affiliate program
  • Experian credit card affiliate program
  • CommissionSoup Network
  • CreditStrong affiliate program
  • Petal Visa Card
  • Credit Assistance Network
  • Indigo Platinum MasterCard

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Let’s get to our list of the best credit card affiliate programs that you can use to run your affiliate

With that said, let’s begin.

1. Bankrate 

bankrate credit-card-affiliate-programs

Bankrate is a complete solution for revenue generation for people earning traffic through credit card based content. The technologies introduced by Bankrate deal with tools that can update, take insights, analyze, and generate reports for your website’s content. 


  • Automated updating of recent news, updates, and offers by leading cards.
  • Free enrollment for anyone.
  • Affiliates get access to tools as well as content for promotions.

How much can you make with this Bankrate affiliate program?

With the Bankrate affiliate program, you can earn up to 45% of your revenue on every conversion.

2. TransUnion

Transunion credit-card-affiliate-programs

TransUnion deals with over seven crucial industries where they help people effectively manage and utilize their credit cards. Besides, they also provide services in risk assessment of your finances and then developing solutions for smarter decision making regarding the same. 


  • Get reports of your credit scores and financial health.
  • Round the clock availability of voice response.
  • Get credit card awareness for your business as well as clients with TransUnion tools.

How much can you make with this TransUnion affiliate program?

There is a variable amount of commission as a fee once you’re an affiliate of the TransUnion affiliate program.

3. provides over twelve varying and highly competitive affiliate programs. Besides this, they’re also associated with serving performance marketing of finances and compliances of small organizations. Besides, affiliates are closely associated with managers to look for changes in financial compliance and promote along with certain modifications for impactful performance.


  • Discover trusted affiliate programs of pioneers in the credit card industry.
  • Learn about game-changing plans for successful conversions closely from
  • Get a personal manager for guidance.

How much can you make with this affiliate program?

With the credit card affiliate programs offered by, each plan varies regarding club and commission.

4. American Express Canada

American Express Canada credit-card-affiliate-programs

American Express Canada offers a wide range of offers on its credit card, including fraud protection and a welcome bonus of up to 50,000 points. By being the owner of the American Express Canada credit cards, you get frontline access to significant events even before the tickets go for sale. 


  • Over six different types of categories featuring credit cards.
  • Seven days cookie duration to track your sales.
  • Assured welcome bonus for your affiliate traffic.

How much can you make with this American Express Canada affiliate program?

American Express Canada offers a commission of $200 on every successful conversion.

5. is the ultimate place to check your free credit score and get a report on your credit performance. Moreover, you are also eligible to get a consultation and educate yourself on where your credit stands at the moment and ways to improve it. 


  • Highly secure way of dealing with customers’ information with encrypted details.
  • Fix your bad credit scores with additional tools and consultation.
  • Get advice on personal finance management as well as mortgages.

How much can you make with this affiliate program?

The affiliate program is varying in commission fees with competitive rates.

6. Capital Bank

Capital Bank

Capital Bank provides credit facilities to the clients to effectively manage their credit score without a credit check and other financial services. Set your credit limit, and then you can merge with their credit-building tools. Also, enjoy the special visa discounts offered by Visa with your card. 


  • Credit qualification doesn’t depend on your current score. 
  • All the security measures are taken effectively, including SSL and IPS.
  • The Visa card comes with an interest-free grace period. 

How much can you make with this Capital Bank affiliate program?

Capital Bank provides a commission of 15% as a commission with their affiliate programs. 

7. Experian


Experian offers a free credit score, report, and boost even without asking for your credit card details. Their premium FICO 8 model helps you to get a report and also monitors your credit scores. 


  • Experian has dealt with over 30,000 clients.
  • Add or remove your credit cards within a minute without hampering the score.
  • Get educated on maintaining your credit scores amidst pandemic.

How much can you make with this Experian affiliate program?

With the credit card affiliate programs offered by Experian, you can earn a commission of 20% of the revenue generated.

8. CommissionSoup Network


CommissionSoup Network focuses on customer acquisition with specialization in the financial domain. This is also one of the leading affiliate network systems based on CPA (cost per action) methods. 


  • Deals with over eight leading pioneers in the finance industry.
  • Each affiliate gets a representative to create impactful marketing plans. 
  • Get to become a part of various credit card affiliate programs.

How much can you make with this CommissionSoup Network affiliate program?

Varying commissions are depending on the CPA of every affiliate program associated with CommissionSoup Network.

9. CreditStrong 

Credit Strong

With CreditStrong, you can get your FICO scores monitored and analyzed round the clock. Also, you can get customized plan recommendations for up to 120 months. Along with this, there will be no credit score checks and inquiries to apply for a loan process with CreditStrong.


  • Canceling is as easy as applying with no cost-cutting.
  • Directly associated with three major credit bureaus.
  • Three months cookie period to track significant sales.

How much can you make with this CreditStrong affiliate program?

With the CreditStrong affiliate program, earn a fixed amount of commission per referral.

10. Petal Visa Card

Petal Visa Card

Petal Visa Card provides amenities such as cashback and credit limits up to $10,000 for no fees! Moreover, their app offers exclusive provisions to track and manage your expenses to maintain your credit score. 


  • Get cashback up to 10% on selected merchants with your Petal Card.
  • No additional fees unless you don’t pay your bills on time. 
  • Partners with over five pioneers of the credit card industry.

How much can you make with this Petal Visa Card affiliate program?

With the affiliate program of Petal, you can get a commission of $36 as a fee.

11. Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network

Credit Assistance Network offers two types of affiliate programs, each having its perks and benefits. This company has provided services on ‘Credit Improvement’ since 2004. Also, they’re compliant with organizations and acts such as CROA, FCSOA, and NACSO.


  • Get a free graphics designer for the curation of the promotional materials.
  • In-house affiliates enjoy the benefits of residual commission and phone referrals.
  • Internet affiliates enjoy the benefits of 365 days of cookies.

How much can you make with this Credit Assistance Network affiliate program?

With the credit card affiliate programs offered by Credit Assistance Networks, you can earn as much as $70 per sale as a commission.

12. Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard

Indigo Platinum MasterCard offers credit cards and offers without affecting your credit score. Get 24/7 access to your account and choose your customized card design without any additional charges. 


  • No security deposit is required, thus facilitating unsecured credit cards.
  • Zero liability protection, thus providing unaccountability for unauthorized transactions.
  • A microchip for every card, thus enhancing security features.

How much can you make with this Indigo Platinum Mastercard affiliate program?

Indigo Platinum MasterCard offers as much as $28- $35 for every successful conversion.

Towards the conclusion

Today’s article talked about various credit card affiliate programs and their benefits. However, most of them stay on a varying basis with regard to the commission and cookie period. If you’re someone who influences people on the broad topics on finance, then these affiliate programs can be a mode of decent income for you. 

However, it is advisable to go with Bankrate, American Express Canada, CommissionSoup Network, and Credit Assistance Network considering the rich commission fee and the premium features of being an affiliate.

Along with this, you can get your credit score checked and repaired. Thus, everyone aware of credit cards and affiliate programs can become an affiliate and earn well.

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