We believe that being transparent with our audience is the right thing to do.

We strive hard to gather the information that provides value to our readers, and in the process, we need to add some affiliate links on this website to keep it running.

We might make some money from affiliate links if someone purchases after clicking the links. But this is how affiliate marketing works, and many of the renowned brands like Amazon use affiliate marketing to grow their business.

Does it cost you anything?

No, it does not.

The articles may contain some affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the product after clicking the link, we may receive a small fee. But no worries, you’ll still pay the standard amount. So there is no extra cost on your part.

What else we want you to be aware of:

The primary aim of our website is to educate and help others to create websites effortlessly. But in the process, maintenance expenditures like hosting, editors fee, and writer payments keep daunting us. We will highly appreciate it if you could make a single purchase to support us if the article brings you value.

Many a time, we may get offers from product companies to write positively about them. But it’s not how we work if we genuinely feel their products are valuable, then only we consider writing about them.

We do not accept paid reviews as many other sites available on the internet.

Finally, we only recommend products or services after personal use. These things imply that we cannot offer support for the products/services mentioned. If you have any questions regarding any points, then please do not hesitate to contact us by using the contact page.

Team WP Mains.