7 Best Essential Addons for Elementor Alternatives

essential addons for elementor alternatives

Are you looking for the best Essential Addons for Elementor alternatives?

Essential Addons is one of the most popular Elementor addons available in the Elementor market. However, with the evolvement of the Elementor community, there are many Essential addons alternatives available in the market.

In this article, you’ll see some of the most popular Essential Addons for Elementor alternatives for your Elementor website.

Best Essential Addons for Elementor Alternatives

We’ve compiled this list of the best free and premium Essential Addons for Elementor alternatives that you can use on any Elementor website:

  • Elementor Pro
  • HappyAddons
  • Crocoblock
  • Mighty Addons for Elementor
  • Powerpack Elementor Addons
  • Premium Addons

Let’s get started.

1. Elementor Pro

Elementor pro Elementor addons

Elementor Pro is an extension to the core Elementor plugin built by the same Elementor team. It’s one of the most widely used Elementor addon plugins and a perfect Essential Addons for Elementor alternatives.

With their latest update, you get access to cloud storage and built-in hosting solutions. Within the cloud platform, you get WordPress pre-installed, hosting, and all the Elementor Pro website creation tools.

You get up to 100GB bandwidth and seamless support for 100k traffic that helps you grow your business without any issues.

Some key features of Elementor Pro are:

  • 100+ readymade templates
  • 80+ global widgets
  • Elementor Popup builder
  • Integrations with email marketing tools
  • Inline website editor
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Extensive customer support


Elementor cloud website is available at just $99 for a single year. Whereas, if you only want to use their Pro addon, you can purchase it just by paying $49 for a single website.

2. Happy Addons

Happy addons for Elementor

Happy Addons is a free Elementor addon plugin that’s installed on more than 200,000+ websites.

The free version offers more than 40 useful widgets that are sufficient to create a beautiful-looking website. The premium version offers 50+ well-coded widgets that enhance the functionality of the core Elementor plugin and help you design better websites.

HappyAddons offer more than 400 ready-to-use templates in the premium plugin. Some of the popular features include a cross-site copy-paste feature, mega menu, single page navigation, and parallax effects.


HappyAddons for Elementor will cost you only $39 for a single year and you get access to all the premium widgets in this plugin.

3. Crocoblock

Jet Plugins

Crocoblock by JetPlugins is a free Elementor add-on that allows you to harness the power of more than 18 plugins, which can be combined in any manner to create beautiful, functional websites. The suite is built specifically for use with the drag-and-drop page builder, Elementor.

Jet Plugins is actually a set of 12+ premium Elementor add-ons that can be used individually or as a collective group. All the plugins are well documented and you use them individually as well.

Some of the most popular JetPlugins are Jet Elements, Jet Engine, Jet smart filters, Jet woo builder, and many more.

Some of the important features of Crocoblock are:

  • Dynamic Content
  • Booking Functionality
  • Appointment Functionality
  • Advanced Filters
  • Mega Menu


JetPlugnis all widget bundle starts at just $130 for a single year. However, you can buy individual plugins from the bundle that suit your requirements.

4. Mighty Addons For Elementor

mighty elementor addons

Mighty Addons is an emerging Elementor addon in the Elementor page builder community. It’s a free plugin with 10,000+ active installations and counting.

You get some of the most important features in the free version itself like cross-domain copy-paste features, ready-to-use Elementor templates, section blocks, schema markup widgets, sliders, and so on.

Mighty Addon’s premium version includes Google maps widgets, headline widgets, WooCommerce addon widgets, and many motion effects widgets. You also get access to thousands of free images from their Unsplash and Pixabay integration.

Key features of Mighty Addons are:

  • Section to slide converter
  • Ready to use Elementor blocks and template kits
  • Multi layered shadow effects
  • Cross Domain copy Paste feature
  • Unsplash integration


Might Addons for Elementor is the most affordable addon available at just $12 annual fees for a single website and $40 for unlimited websites.

5. Powerpack Elementor Addons

powerpack elementor addons

Powerpack Elementor Addons is a free plugin that adds 70 new features to the free Elementor plugin while also letting all users of the paid or premium version of Elementor use advanced features like cross-site copy-paste, white labeling, and much more!

If you’re a fan of the Essential Addons for Elementor plugin too, you can rest assured that Powerpack is a good alternative if for any reason you don’t want to use Essential Addons or if it doesn’t offer the features you want.

Some important widgets include sitemap, Faq schema, how to schema, review box, and many animation Elementor widgets.

Key features of PowerPack Elementor Addons are:

  • Templates library
  • Schema markup widgets
  • White labeling feature
  • Advanced display rules
  • Cross-site copy-paste feature


You can purchase the Powerpack addons by paying just $49 for a single-year usage.

6. Dynamic.Ooo

Dynamic.ooo Elementor offers more than 100 features that make designing a website super fast and saves your time. As the same suggests, most of the widgets are dynamic in nature, which means you can create more complex types of websites using this plugin.

Not only does this makes it a good Essential addon for Elementor alternatives, but it’s far better than the traditional widgets you get in all the Elementor addon plugins. It integrates seamlessly with custom fields which in itself opens up a plethora of designing opportunities.

Some of the other most important dynamic.ooo features include cross-site copy-paste, dynamic posts, cookie widget, dynamic Elementor sections, and ready-to-use templates.

Key features of Dynamic.ooo are:

  • Dynamic Tags
  • Page Settings
  • Global Settings
  • Conditional logic
  • ACF integrations


This dynamic plugin is available at just $59 for a single-year license. Get it now!

7. Premium Addons

Premium addons for Elementor

Premium Addons for Elementor is a freemium category plugin that has more than 20 widgets to offer in the free plugin. Besides, you get access to more than 60+ widgets in their premium version.

Some of the most popular Elementor widgets of this plugin are blog post layouts, modal popups, carousel widgets, image motion effects, and so on. Since it’s an old plugin with more than 500,000+ active installations, we thought to add it to our Essential Addons for Elementor alternatives list.

Premium Addons has a good set of social media sharing Elementor widgets like Facebook reviews, and Instagram feeds, and a good hold on social media widgets.

Key features of Premium Addons for Elementor are:

  • Cross-Domain copy-paste
  • Instagram Feeds
  • Lottie animations
  • Prebuilt Elementor templates
  • Ken Burns effect


Premium Addons for Elementor can be purchased at just $39 per website for a single-year license and $249 for unlimited websites for lifetime validity.

the best Essential Addons For Elementor alternatives?

Now that you know the best Essential Addons for Elementor alternatives, you might have a question which is the best alternative?

Our pick would be definitely Elementor Pro because it offers seamless integration without any hurdles and it’s built by the same team.

In case, you’re looking for some other addon, look no further than HappyAddons and Crocoblock as they offer most of the features available in the Elementor Pro plugin and Essential Addons.

With that said, let’s wrap this article. If you liked this post, don’t forget to check our other posts around the Elementor page builder plugin:

That’s it for today.

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