How to Download the System Info in elementor?

How To Download The System Info In Elementor?

Are you wondering how to download the system info of your website?

In this quick tutorial, we will see different ways to download the system info in Elementor as well as without Elementor.

What is the need of System Info?

Every WordPress website is built up with a combination of a theme and plugins. Since there are multiple plugins, they have different update cycles.

Consider a scenario, where you get an unwanted error on your website. In order to resolve the issue, you might need to get in touch with the theme or the plugin developer.

In such cases, providing the system info or the website environment info helps the plugin developer:

  • To debug the issue faster.
  • He might also inform you to update the configuration or make some modifications to increase your website performance.
  • It also helps them know about the hosting, PHP version, etc which helps to check if the plugin is compatible with a particular version.

Let us check some easy ways to download the system info.

1. Download The System Info In Elementor:

In order to download the system info from the Elementor plugin, kindly follow the below steps:

Go to Dashboard > Elementor > System info and you will be able to see your website’s all technical information easily.

Check The System Info In Elementor

Scroll down to the bottom and click on the download button in case you wish to share it with Elementor support or any other plugin author.

Download The System Info In Elementor

Above method is applicable if you have Elementor plugin on your website.

2. Get System Information from the WordPress Site Health option:

WordPress provides an in-built option to check the technical information related to the running environment.

Go to Dashboard > Tools > Site Health and then click on the info tab.

Check system information in WordPress

Here, you can check every information in detail like server information, database, active plugins, file permissions, directories, and their sizes, etc.

Simply click the “Copy site info to Clipboard” button and paste anywhere you want like on a notepad, Wordpad, editor, and so on.

Both the above methods help in getting the system information of your website.

We hope these ways will help you to download the system info and help you in solving any issue. Please let us know which method did you tried in the comment section below. It will be helpful to others as well.

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