How To Fix Edit with Elementor Button Missing?

Fix missing Elementor button

Is the “Edit with Elementor” button missing on your website? This is a very common problem and you need not worry about it.

Elementor Page builder is one of the best page builders which makes designing fast and super easy. But sometimes, it might cause some issues which look frustrating at the start but it’s all about making a correct move to solve the problem rather than trying a hundred ways.

In this short article, you just need to follow the steps and your issue will be solved.

What is the “Edit With Elementor” Button Missing issue?

So basically you have a WordPress setup with Elementor + any theme. (Check Elementor compatible themes)

When you start writing a new post or page, you will see an “Edit with Elementor” at the top of the page.

Missing Edit with Elementor button

Sometimes, this button does not appear.

So let’s get started with the possible solutions.

Two Ways To Fix “Edit With Elementor” Button Missing issue:

Below are two ways to solve the issue.

1. Check if you edited the page with Elementor

The “Edit with Elementor” button appears at the top if you have already edited a post/page with Elementor.

To get the button, go to edit a post/page.

You’ll see a big button in the middle of the edit screen that says “Edit with Elementor”. Click the button and you’ll edit with Elementor. The next time you go to that page/post the button will be at the top of the screen.

Please note that if there’s already content on the page, it won’t be lost – Elementor will just put it into a text widget on the edit screen.

2. Check if the Post type is selected in Elementor settings

Another reason might be that you have not selected the post type from the Elementor settings.

Go to Dashboard > Elementor > Settings and make sure to check the relevant post type.

Fix Edit with Elementor button missing

This should solve the issue and the button will appear at the top.

A workaround would be to go to the post/page in the All Posts/All Pages menu and hover on the respective post or page “Edit with Elementor” button. If you see the URL link in the bottom left then you will be able to edit the page with this button as well.


Now that we have seen the possible ways that will fix the “Edit with Elementor” button missing issue, you need not get panic about it next time.

I hope the above solutions will fix the issue at your end. In case the issue still exists, your last resort would be to get in touch with the Elementor support and get it resolved.

Please let us know which way helped you fix the issue. This will be helpful for other users as well.

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