How to fix Elementor stuck on loading screen?

Fix Elementor Stuck On Loading Screen

Is Elementor stuck on loading screen on your website? If yes, do not worry because, after several attempts, I have found some ways to fix the issue that will resolve the issue at your end as well.

By the way, I am a big fan of Elementor Page builder and use it every day to create beautiful-looking web pages. It makes designing anything so easy using the drag and drop interface.

But sometimes I run into a repetitive problem where Elementor gets stuck on the loading screen or the left side Elementor widget panel keeps loading. If you’re a regular Elementor user you might have faced this problem and might have resolved it somehow. But things can be sometimes frustrating for the new users.

After answering people many times on Elementor forums, Reddit, quora I decided to list down all the possible ways to fix the Elementor stuck-on loading screen issue.

What exactly the “Elementor stuck on loading” is?

Well, before we see the solution of fixing this issue it will be beneficial if we know what exactly caused this error. Knowing the cause of the error, you will directly fix the issue if it reappears in the future without wasting time on different trial and success methods.

Here is the screenshot of the issue:

Fix Elementor Stuck On Loading Screen

To run any plugin on your website, you need to provide it sufficient space so that the plugin works smoothly. Due to insufficient memory allocation, the plugin tries to complete the said command but get stucks on loading itself.

6 Ways To Fix Elementor Stuck On Loading Screen Issue:

Now that we have a clear idea of the issue, let’s get started with the solutions. Note that these are the most probable ways to solve this issue and if the issue still remains after trying these steps, you might need to get in touch with Elementor support.

1. Increasing PHP memory limit.

Elementor is a major plugin and it recommends at least 256M memory. But, if you have a number of plugins installed on your end, then the memory needs to be increased to a max 512M( if possible ).

Before increasing the PHP memory limit, we need to check the current memory limit. If Elementor is already installed and active, navigate to Dashboard > Elementor > System Info > Memory Limit.

Fix Elementor Stuck On Loading Screen

In order to increase the memory limit, you will need to edit the wp-config.php file.

Just add the below code before “/* That’s all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */”


This way we’re increasing the memory limit for Elementor to work smoothly. Save the changes and confirm the changes in the system info again.

2. Disabling unused Widgets in Elementor Addon plugins to Reduce Server Requests.

In most of the cases, the first solution will fix the issue. But sometimes the increased memory is still insufficient for Elementor to work smoothly.

Users generally install many Elementor Addons on their website. Every Addon has a bundle of widgets which consume memory and make server requests even if the widget is not used.

If this is the case at your end, you should disable all the unused widgets from all the addons. These plugins generally a feature in the settings to enable/disable the widgets, this will reduce the memory consumption and not load the unused resources.

3. Checking for Plugin conflicts.

Incase you have increased the memory limit and still the Elementor is stuck on loading, this can be due to some plugin conflict.

How to find out the plugin conflict?

This can be time consuming process, but helps to resolve the issue most of the times. Follow the below steps:

  1. Deactivate all the plugins except Elementor and Elementor Pro.
  2. Once all plugins are deactivated check if Elementor is working again or not. If Elementor starts loading correctly then this could be a plugin conflict case.
  3. Start reactivating plugins one by one and keep checking if Elementor stops loading again. If Elementor stops loading after activating a plugin, you have found the conflicting plugin.
  4. In such a case, you can contact the plugin author and they will solve the issue.

4. Update Elementor and Elementor related plugins to the latest version.

Elementor recommends using PHP 7.0 or the most recent versions for smooth functioning. Kindly get in touch with the hosting provider in case your website is using an old PHP version. It is recommended to take a backup before updating the PHP version.

Besides, if you’re using older version of Elementor or Elementor Addon plugins, kindly update all the plugins to the latest version. This can also be the reason for the Elementor not loading properly.

5. Switch Theme temporarily.

This is sometimes the case. You active theme’s recent update might have some incompatibility issue with the latest version or the version you’re using.

In such a scenario, try switching to default WordPress themes like twenty-twenty and check if this resolves the issue. In case the issue is resolved, try to get in touch with the theme author or revert back to previous version of the theme until the theme author solves the conflict.


We have covered a variety of ways that will fix the “Elementor stuck on loading” issue. This is a common scenario with Elementor users and need not get panic about it.

I hope the above solutions will fix the issue at your end. In case the issue still exists, your last resort would be to get in touch with the Elementor support and get it resolved.

Please let us know which solution worked for you in the comment section below. This will help others as well.

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