Music Affiliate Programs for Singers and Music bloggers

Music affiliate programs

Are you the one who is fascinated by music and also want to earn from it? Do you have a medium that talks solely about music instruments? This article will then facilitate you to know about music affiliate programs that will help you earn while you promote. Besides, there are countless benefits to become a part of such affiliate programs that we’ll look ahead. 

Most of these are the retailers of musical instruments. Besides, a statistical study reveals that nearly 54% of the household holds at least one musical instrument, opening up the chances to make money online while following your music passion.

The best music affiliate programs in 2020

Now that we’ve got the ideas of the programs above, we’ll see in-depth of every program and how it can benefit you as an affiliate. Making people aware of the pioneers in the music instrument retailers is essential to make the right purchase.

Guitar Center
Piano For All
Music Blocksusiness Institute
Rocket Piano
Musician’s Friend
Master Class
Noise Lab

1. Guitar Center

guitar center Music affiliate programs

Guitar Center is an all in one store that has over 260 outlets across the world. Not only it provides the instruments, but also the studio gears and lighting equipment. You can also benefit from working with a professional music studio that has partnered with Guitar Center.


  • Two weeks of cookie period for effective tracking of sales.
  • There is no minimum amount limit to be considered as a sale for the commission.
  • Payouts are given out for as low as 25$.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

With the Guitar Center affiliate program, you can earn 6% on every successful transaction through your affiliate link.

2. Piano For All

piano for all Music affiliate programs

With over 600 pages, 200 videos, and 500 audio lessons, this is one of the most sought music brands. They are a well-recognized name when it comes to learning piano, and provide fun integrated learning. Apart from that, get promotional videos and banners for your website and other platforms.


  • 90 day cookie period to track the sales.
  • Affiliates get a free product to review
  • Refund rate as low as 4% so you can earn assured sales.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

With Piano’s music affiliate programs, you can earn a commission of 60% on every sale. 

3. Singorama

singorama Music affiliate programs

Singorama offers vocal coaching classes and songwriting tutorials, with most of the materials being free and easily affordable. This is not just it, get a money-back guarantee up to 56 days of purchase.


  • 60 day cookie period to track the successful sales through your link.
  • Get free downloadable material of mini-courses to try. 
  • Anyone can learn from the course; no prerequisites are required.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

You can get 40% of the shipped media sales, and then you can also get a commission of 70% on instantly downloadable materials. 

4. Music Business Institute

music business institute Music affiliate programs

Music Business Institute is to learn and implement the practices to make use of music as a business. Get on-demand videos and courses, create fanbase and gigs, and sell your music- all in one place. 


  • Learn how to make a decent income by being a musician/songwriter.
  • Learn through various new and emerging case studies.
  • Get a sample email copy as promotional material.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

Get 50% of every sale as a commission with this Music Business Institute affiliate program.

5. Rocket Piano

rocket piano Music affiliate programs

Rocket Piano is a tutorial-based website that has taught Piano to over 90,000 people. They also provide seven complimentary step-by-step tutorials as a trial. You get access to videos, audios, and e-books, ranging from beginners to advanced levels.


  • Free shipping, no additional costs added.
  • Sixty days refund policies with a 100% refundable amount.
  • Ninety days cookie period to track the sales through your affiliate links.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

With the music affiliate programs offered by Rocket Piano, you can earn 75% as a commission on every full download version. Also, get 25% as a commission on the hard copy version. 

6. Musician’s Friend

musician's friend Music affiliate programs

Musician’s Friend deals with more than 17,00,000 items that are ready to be shipped. You can also get a warranty of 24 months on every product with 8% returns on products. This exclusive deal can be achievable with the payment facilities premium for Musician’s Friend.


  • Free shipping on every purchase.
  • 45 days of return policies 
  • Get deals, contests, and offers exclusively made for official affiliates. 

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

You can earn around 4% of commission on every sale with this Musician’s Friend affiliate program.

7. Master Class

master class Music affiliate programs

Master Class helps you to learn from the experts and pioneers of the music industry. With the Master Class program, you can learn from the new courses introduced frequently. Learn from PDF’s, across any devices, and watch at your own pace. 


  • 30 day cookie period to track the sales through your affiliate traffic.
  • Additional sale bonus for the affiliate members.
  • 30-day full refund policy with the courses.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

Get commissions as much as 25% on every purchase made through your affiliate link.

8. Noise Lab

noise lab Music affiliate programs

Noise Lab offers courses and has a student base to over 50,000 students and includes a free trial course. Get access to over 300 courses for as low as 19$ per month for unlimited intervals.


  • Earn residual commission as much as 50% on every renewal.
  • Every course starts at as low as 9$.
  • Free services and bonuses for every affiliate partner.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

With every course purchased from your affiliate link, you can earn a commission of 50%.

9. Magix 

magix Music affiliate programs

Magix provides software to curate and mixing your music to professional quality. With outreach to over 179 countries and a user base of 35 million people over 25 years, Magix has been providing a mesmerizing experience to its users.  


  • 30-day cookie policy to track your successful conversions of sales.
  • Get monthly offers, deals, and combos with a personal and dedicated manager.
  • Get to use free software before buying the premium editions.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

With the music affiliate programs offered by Magix, you can earn a 30% commission on every sale.

10. Apple

apple Music affiliate programs

Apple doesn’t need a description when it comes to iTunes. However, their affiliate program is packed with unique features, and only a limited people get approval for the program.


  • 30 day cookie period policy for tracking the sales.
  • Get additional tools such as Apple Toolbox to manage your links and widgets.
  • Once selected, get access to their advanced API and Musickit tools.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

You can earn a commission of 100% only when a user signs up for Apple Music membership.

11. Audimute

audimute Music affiliate programs

Audimute eliminates the sound issues of your recording room and thus facilitates noise cancellation. Also, you can get the first consultation free along with custom-tailored products as per your requirements. Get free delivery of the products along with open room analysis.


  • Free products for the affiliates, along with commission and discounts.
  • Get exclusive deals and offers for the affiliate partners.
  • 60-day cookie policy to monitor sales through your affiliate link.

How much can you make with this XX affiliate program?

You can make around 5% of the commission on an average order of $200.

Towards the conclusion

As we wrapped up this article on music affiliate programs, we saw most of the product and service-based pioneers. Considering the learning-based music-related companies, we’d recommend you to learn Singorama and Master Class, crediting their brand value and affiliate program. 

We’d also recommend Musician’s Friend, Magix, and Audimute for most of the purchases regarding instruments or similar accessories. 

With this, the influencers and bloggers with a knack for musical instruments can make a good income. Go ahead and choose the best one for you.

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