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photography affiliate programs

Are you one of those who have a knack for photography and are willing to earn from it? In addition to it, you might also feel like earning when it comes to blogging or influencing in the photography niche. For all of you, we’ve got a list of all the photography affiliate programs that can help you earn a decent income by endorsing photography. 

These modern times, people are eager to make a career out of photography. No one talks about being only a doctor, engineer, or teacher. The digital camera industry has spanned over many years and today counts to $1214 million. Thus, there is no doubt that there exist countless opportunities in the photography industry for everyone.

The best photography affiliate programs to join

As we have now seen the programs, we’ll check the briefs, such as benefits and commission rate associated with every plan. It’ll be easier for you to judge the best one according to your niche and promotion strategies.

Complete list of photography affiliate programs:

  1. Canon Photography
  2. Samy’s Camera
  3. Manfrotto
  4. KEH Camera 
  5. KelbyOne
  6. CreativeLive
  7. Incase
  8. Olympus
  9. Go Pro
  10. B&H Photo and Video
  11. Adorama
  12. Borrow Lenses
  13. Shutterstock
  14. Snappa

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Let’s get to our list of the best photography affiliate programs that you can use to run your affiliate marketing business.

It’s time to run into the details following the list above.

1. Canon Photography Affiliate Program

Canon Photography Affiliate Programs

Canon is one of the leading giants in imaging products with its popular digital camera series and other printing devices. It deals not only with cameras but also with their accessories and lenses.


  • Get a team dedicated throughout your affiliate journey with Canon.
  • Special offers and promotions all year round for high conversion rates. 
  • Get updates on recent products and access to the daily catalog.

Commission: 2.5% and more as a commission.

Cookie period: 30-day cookie period.

2. Samy’s Camera Affiliate Program

Samy's Camera Affiliate Programs

Samy’s Camera can give you anything you want in the photography section. Be it rentals, purchases, tutorials, shopping facilities- they’ve got everything. They deal and have over 32 brands of cameras and accessories in store for their visitors. 


  • Dealers of photography accessories and products past 40 years.
  • Get associated with an award-winning team for managing your affiliate sales. 
  • Get free shipping on products above the purchase of $49 only. 

Commission: 3% of the sales as a commission.

Cookie period: 30 days cookie period. 

3. Manfrotto Affiliate Program

Manfrotto Affiliate Program

Manfrotto is an Italian company that has a wide range of cameras and accessories over 65 countries. Get your products registered with Manfrotto to get maximum benefits availed on warranty and services. 


  • Creative banners and a wide range of offers are available.
  • Shop by specific brands as categories.
  • Get their free catalog to download to share with others. 

Commission: 5% commission on all sales.

Cookie period: 30 days of cookie period.

4. KEH Camera Affiliate Program

KEH Camera Affiliate Program

KEH Camera is a retailer that promotes the buying and selling of used cameras. With an inventory of more than 55,000 items, they’ve guided people into buying camera accessories along with an expert’s opinion. 


  • Get instant quotes and free delivery on all the items.
  • Fourteen days of return policy with no questions asked.
  • There are varying commission fees with the photography affiliate programs by KEH on quoting and reselling.

Commission: 4% on all retail products.

Cookie period: 15 days cookie period.

5. KelbyOne Affiliate Program

Kelbyone Affiliate Program

KelbyOne has been a master in designing courses in the photography domain since 1993. Their course access begins for as low as $10 every month. Besides, you can get additional discounts and offers by subscribing to the emails. 


  • Membership offers discounts on most photography software.
  • Get a creative tool kit and over 140 downloadable resources through KelbyOne. 
  • Access to over 800 courses with new content being uploaded weekly. 

Commission: 20% commission on plus and pro membership offers. 

Cookie period: Not mentioned. 

6. Creative Live Affiliate Program 

Creative Live Affiliate Program

Creative Live is a stream of series of various courses, including photography. You can get a free trial with their 24/7 live streams. Connect with all the apple devices.  


  • Buy every course for just $20 only. 
  • Get access to advanced reporting tools to track your sales effectively.
  • Get over 600 instructors teaching through 1500 and more classes.

Commission: 30% as a commission.

Cookie period: Cookie period of 30 days.

7. Incase Affiliate Program

Incase Affiliate Program

Incase provides practical solutions by providing products that are beneficial for Apple & Mac users. They are the leaders in protective cover cases for cameras and lenses that are compartment based and abrasion-resistant. 


  • Get attractive offers and discounts for your affiliate traffic.
  • Shipping and returns at no additional costs.
  • Additional discounts on newsletter signups.

Commission: 12% as a commission. 

Cookie period: Not mentioned. 

8. Olympus Affiliate Program 

Olympus Affiliate Program

Olympus can help you get the most of the photography devices and accessories based on the specialization since 1919. Besides, you can also feature your photos in the Olympus gallery and explore various photography tips.


  • Get special announcements and newsletters for effective promotions. 
  • With the photography affiliate programs by Olympus, interact with a dedicated team of affiliate professionals.
  • Free shipping on all the promotional orders.

Commission: Earn a commission of 3% on the products. 

Cookie period: Not mentioned.

9. Go Pro Affiliate Program 

Go Pro Affiliate Program

Go Pro has offered photography tools to over 26 million people across 60 countries. Choose from various cameras, accessories, gears, and lighting equipment- all at a place.


  • Get the GoPro apps for attractive editing options and wireless transfers. 
  • A dedicated team of affiliates for managing and guiding the sales, along with deep linking. 
  • Subscribe to get 50% off, unlimited cloud storage, and easy replacements. 

Commission: 5% commission fees.

Cookie period: Not available. 

10. B&H Photo and Video Affiliate Program 

B&H Photo and Video Affiliate Program

B&H Photo and Video are dealers and traders of every equipment that the photography industry names. Get free shipping, easy returns, and exclusive offers on their newsletter signups. Besides, consider gifting the gift cards from B&H as they’ve no warranty limits. 


  • Custom your links for sales impact.
  • Payout cost of the affiliate commission as low as $80.
  • Easy conversions due to widespread international presence. 

Commission: 8% as a commission fee.

Cookie period: Cookie period of 30 days.

11. Adorama Affiliate Program

Adorama Affiliate Program

Adorama offers over 2,50,000 photography products to buy and a wide range of tutorials for quick training sessions. You can shop in-store, online, or rent their products and become a part of their loyalty program.


  • Sell used photography equipment at the best price. 
  • With Adorama’s photography affiliate programs, get exclusive affiliate benefits such as free shipping and advanced tracking tools.
  • Additional promised incentives to the affiliates on an exceptional performance. 

Commission: 2% as a base commission.

Cookie period: 30 day cookie period. 

12. Borrow Lenses Affiliate Program 

Borrow Lenses Affiliate Program

Borrow Lenses rents out lenses, cameras, and other accessories along with free shipping and offers. Get an instant availability check, and the equipment will get delivered to you in 2 days. 


  • With the photography affiliate programs by Borrowlenses, get customized deep links.
  • Apart from rentals, buy all the brand new and used gears.
  • Minimum or free of cost deposit charges. 

Commission: 5% commission available.

Cookie period: 30 days cookie period. 

13. Shutterstock Affiliate Program

Shutterstock Affiliate Program

Shutterstock is one of the ruling organizations in producing high quality licensed images for commercial and personal use. Also, get access to over 14 million video clips in stock and music clips as well. 


  • Real-time analytics and support from the team.
  • Exclusive coupon codes and offers for your affiliate traffic. 
  •  Over 340 million images already exist on the website. 

Commission: 20% as a commission fee.

Cookie period: 30 day cookie period.

14. Snappa Affiliate Program

Snappa Affiliate Program

Snappa lets you graphically create and make illustrations without any experience required. It also allows you to use high-resolution images, clears background texts, and access their free templates.


  • Get email and other promotional content in the photography affiliates programs by Snappa.
  • Connect with social accounts and schedule the sharing using Snappa.
  • Over 20 million images created using Snappa for more than five decades.

Commission: 30% as a commission fee. 

Cookie period: 30-day cookie life.

Summary: Photography Affiliate Programs

As we conclude, we’ve seen the photography affiliate programs that are trending in 2020. While some companies deal with retailing and supplying, others are the leaders in gallery collections, designing, and photography tutorials. 

To recommend you, KelbyOne, Creative Live, Snappa are the highest paying affiliate programs for you to earn a high income. 

Thus, without any delay, get a chance to promote everything about photography to your audiences and earn some money by giving out your effective referrals.

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