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Best gaming affiliate programs

Has gaming always managed to ignite some enthusiasm for you? Has gaming as a profession seemed fulfilling to you? Yes, it has been possible through gaming affiliate programs! 

Gaming has its mental de-stressing benefits. Moreover, gamers all around the world are always curious about something new to play. You can be a part of the ever-growing gaming industry and share some important aspects of the best gaming products all around the world. 

The affiliates can earn a specific commission fee for promoting the games and various gaming products such as hardware, software, and other system peripherals. Thus, it can enable you to expand your traffic and influence it in the best way. 

About the Gaming Industry

No one had imagined the growth of the gaming industry as it is today. With constant improvements and advances in technology using AR, VR, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing, the PC gaming industry has managed to reach a market of $33.6 billion in 2020

Moreover, the gaming industry can never die out as it is proven to provide a de-stressing experience and relief to people from all age groups. With a user base of over 2.4 billion gamers, the video gaming industry is all set to the mark of a $90 billion market worth closely by the end of 2020. 

These statistics are enough to emphasize why you should closely have an affiliate relationship with these gaming giants!

The best gaming affiliate programs to look forward to!

Let us know now in-depths of various affiliate programs in gaming. Most of the plans come with cookie-tracking features and impactful promotional material for sales. However, we got you the ones that excel in the gaming niche and are a good deal for everyone!

  1. Razer
  2. Leprestore
  3. Zygor
  4. Twitch
  5. Nvidia
  6. Alienware
  7. Astro Gaming
  8. Microsoft
  9. Logitech
  10. GameFly
  11. Newegg

1. Razer Affiliate Program


Razer deals with award-winning products that can set out a smooth gaming experience for you. Right from the hardware to accessories, they have got an affiliate program for every product. Besides, you can also enhance your selection chances for the affiliate through the Razer streamer platform.


  • Get all the promotional material along with the banners for your affiliate marketing.
  • You can get varying commission fees for varying products, thus muti-niche affiliation.
  • Get additional incentives, such as rewards.

How much can you make with this Razer affiliate program?

You can earn up to 10% as a commission fee. However, this depends on the products you’re selling. There are varying and fixed percentages set on different Razer products.

2. Leprestore Affiliate Program


Leprestore has helped thousands of people to get over those struggles with their boost services. Moreover, it cannot be an easy and time-consuming process to develop your profile in certain games. They’ve completed over 1,00,000 boosts.


  • Get a 10% subscription discount instantly.
  • 24/7 support with a refund policy. Get a reply within 20 seconds.
  • Ninety days cookie policy to track sales.

How much can you make with this Leprestore affiliate program?

Get a commission of as much as 15% per sale through this gaming affiliate program.

3. Zygor Affiliate Program


Zygor Guides has been for 11 years for anyone who’s struggling to complete World of Warcraft. With their continuously updating patches, players can reach exceptional scores without wasting much effort. All these at a minimal monthly cost!


  • You can get a recurring income of up to $42 through a subscription to your affiliate traffic.
  • Instant payouts, as and when you want.
  • Get a free Addon to view the guidelines while playing the game.

How much can you make with this Zygor affiliate program?

Earn as much as 50% of the sale as a commission fee.

4. Twitch Affiliate Program


Streaming games have been a trend these days. So it benefits you to earn a good deal of money whenever someone purchases your stream. You can make from the bits, sales, ads given that you fulfill the eligibility criteria to become a part of their gaming affiliate programs. 


  • Your affiliate traffic gets a Twitch crate reward.
  • The cheerer also receives a share of revenue through bits.
  • Track your income from ads, sales, and bits individually.

How much can you make with this Twitch affiliate program?

Whenever your traffic makes a purchase, you can get up to 5% as a commission.

5. Nvidia Affiliate Program


Nvidia can’t be left out when we talk about gaming. This industrial giant runs the affiliate program for free. The plan is open for all and works through Rakuten to track effectively.


  • Nvidia manages all the processes. 
  • Affiliates need to place the ads at appropriate places.
  • Track real-time processing and engagement with Nvidia.

How much can you make with this Nvidia affiliate program?

With the Nvidia program, get up to 5% as a commission fee from every sale through your channels.

6. Alienware Affiliate Program

Alienware deals with laptops that are meant solely for gaming. They’re also the first ones to emerge as gaming laptop specialists. Other products for affiliates include products such as a graphics amplifier by Alienware.


  • Seventy-two hours cookie to track the sale of purchase.
  • Get a great combo of deals while shopping for multiple accessories of Alienware.
  • Integrated with Dell, it adds an extra layer of trust among the buyers.

How much can you make with this Alienware affiliate program?

With the Alienware affiliate program, you can make anywhere around 1% -6% commission on sales.

7. Astro Gaming Affiliate Program


Astro Gaming highlights the accessories necessary for the gaming lifestyle. You can shop by different gaming platforms and can get personalized items for your needs. The unique features of these accessories involve compatibility across all the devices. 


  • One hundred eighty days cookie period, the longest among all the gaming affiliate programs.
  • Professional grade of accessories in gaming at affordable prices. 
  • Dedicated monitoring of the affiliate program with regularly updating content.

How much can you make with this Astro Gaming affiliate program?

With the Astro Gaming affiliate program, make as much as 5% commission of every sale.

8. Microsoft Affiliate Program


Microsoft Stores provides various ways to generate revenue using gaming. However, their cookie period remains for 24 hours only. Another incentive of being affiliated with the Microsoft affiliate program is getting a 14-day cookie period for in-app purchasing of games. 


  • The most trusted and renowned brand for various tools.
  • Also provides a decent revenue through 
  • Further, earn through in-app advertising as well.

How much can you make with this Microsoft affiliate program?

Get 7% of the commission for the purchases made for both revenue generation types, such as in-app purchases and sales. 

9. Logitech Affiliate Program


Logitech is a fresh breath of hardware in the gaming world as it provides customizable accessories compatible with third-party software. You can get paid in 45 days once your sale is successful. 


  • 30-day cookie to track the significant sales.
  • Get a detailed report from Logitech on the progress of your affiliate.
  • You can buy through your links as a bonus awarded by Logitech as an affiliate.

How much can you make with this Logitech affiliate program?

Earn up to 5%- 10% by referring to all the products by Logitech. However, the average order volume needs to be around 100 Euros.

10. Gamefly Affiliate Program


Gamefly is the leading company in providing new, used, and rentals in video games. They also offer a free trial for every user to get an experience. Each game is compatible across all systems and devices. 


  • Earn up to 15$ on every sign-up made through your affiliate link.
  • Variable commission rates on the used and new gaming console.
  • Further, get an additional bonus on 500+ signups made in a month through your link.

How much can you make with this Gamefly affiliate program?

Earn around 15$ -20$ on every referral sale as a commission fee on their gaming affiliate programs. Moreover, get 10% and 5% on used and new game purchases, respectively. 

11. Newegg Affiliate Program

Newegg gaming affiliate programs

Newegg stands an award-winning digital retailer of various gaming consoles and accessories. As an affiliate, you can get a deep linking to the website through the Newegg team. Moreover, get a chance to become an affiliate for nearly 10,000 products at once.


  • Free shipping on nearly every product. 
  • High conversion rate as you can become an affiliate for thousands of products. 
  • Get the catalog and the product description updated every day by the Newegg team.

How much can you make with this Newegg affiliate program?

You can earn as much as 2.5% as a commission fee for every sale that happens through your link.

gaming affiliate programs: Final Views

To sum it up, the gaming industry has revolutionized and is now a source of income. Unlike the previous era, gaming is no longer associated with passing the time! Affiliate programs provided by the gaming companies stand evident to it. 

Giants such as Nvidia and Microsoft are a great choice, to begin with. Whereas, Newegg, Logitech, and Gamefly will give you higher conversion rates and commission to grow as an affiliate.  

Further, we’d suggest the gaming frenzy of people who like to talk and influence the gaming community begin right away. These gaming affiliate programs can help you earn as well as enjoy the games. Thus, this is not the one to miss out on.  

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