WP Coupons Review: Most Popular Coupons Plugin (15% OFF Deal)

Wp coupons review

Are you looking for a way to add deals and discount coupons on your WordPress website? In this WP Coupons review article, we will explore why most affiliate marketers use this plugin on their websites.

With the WP Coupon plugin, you will be able to create:

  • Single coupon deal page
  • Archive coupon deal Page
  • Coupon deals sidebar
  • Add coupons as related posts.

Not only this, the WP Coupons plugin provides a bunch of useful settings which will help you to import and export the coupon deals directly into your WordPress website.

Before we jump into the detailed WP Coupons review, here is a quick summary of the points that we will cover in this article.

WP Coupons Review: What this plugin is all about?

wp coupons review

WP Coupons plugin is a simple, easy-to-use yet powerful plugin to add affiliate deal coupons to your website.

If you’re running a blog where the income depends on promoting some products, you might sometimes feel the need for creating a coupon section. But doing this might also affect the speed of the website. Well, not to worry because the WP Coupons is a very lightweight plugin that will not affect the speed of your website.

In case you want to offer some special discount to your readers you can simply use this plugin to add the discount deal coupon in the post sidebar or top/ bottom of the post.

This increases the chance of getting more clicks which ultimately leads to an increase in affiliate product sales.

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Why should you use WP Coupons plugin?

If you were trying to build a custom post type for adding coupons to your website, this can be a solution.

But this needs knowledge about WordPress coding standards, adding CPT code and configuring code for categories, taxonomy settings, and set permalinks URL, etc.

WP Coupons plugin resolves the issue in the below ways:

  • No need to create a Custom Post type for coupons
  • No coding needed
  • Filterable tab for categories
  • Styling options for coupons

Pricing plans

WP coupons plugin is a popular plugin that is not available for free on the WordPress repository. You need to purchase this plugin to use it on your website.

wp coupons review pricing

There are three plans available.

Checkout - WP Coupons - Google Chrome 2021-10-31 at 2.13.12 PM
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Activating the plugin

Once you have made the payment, a plugin file will be available to you.

Upload the plugin from the Plugins> Add new > Upload plugin > choose file.

Install and activate the plugin.

Exploring the WP Coupons Settings:

Once you have activated the plugin, you will see a coupons menu added in the left-side menu bar. In the coupons plugin, click on the settings menu.

There are 3 main settings tabs, a license tab and last, is the coupons archive URL.

Display options:
wp coupons review display settings

The display options let you set the archive and single page display settings. You can set the archive page template, slug, the type of navigation in case of multiple coupons.

Apart from this, there are options for setting the number of columns, sort order for coupons, number of posts, etc.

Similar to the archive coupon page, you can configure the settings for the single page, position of the coupon panel, title settings, etc.

Within the display options, the third tab contains the settings for configuring the coupon panel mainly used in the sidebar. There is another tab, but we will discuss it later.

Style options:

Style options have the settings for coupon background color, text color, discount code background color, coupon title font size, font size settings for other text in the coupon panel.


This tab has settings that affect the content visibility, link structure, search support, enabling the attributes for the links like new tab, nofollow attributes, etc.

The plugin developers have also provided support for different user roles for managing the coupons.

How to add a single coupon Post

To add a new coupon, click on the coupons menu in the dashboard. Then click on the “Add new” to add a coupon.

Add a coupon title and description just like adding in any post.

Then you will find the settings for adding coupon details:

wp coupons review single coupon post settings

Discount – discount amount like 10%, 20%, etc.
Discount code – coupon code if any like WPMAINS, etc.
Discount URL – the URL where the visitor will be redirected.
Discount description – Any additional information that needs to be added for the discount coupon.

Customizing single coupon post:

We have already covered the display options before creating the first coupon. Save the single coupon and navigate to Coupon settings > Display options > Single coupons.

Enabling the custom template will inherit the WP Coupons template style.

Besides, there are settings to configure the title, breadcrumb setting, and title tag.

You can set the color and font settings for the single coupon from the Style options tab.

How to create coupons archive page

WP Coupons review archive layout

Upon adding more coupons, you can configure the archive page i.e the coupons collection page. The settings are available here:
Coupon settings > Display options > Coupon archive.

You can set the archive page template, slug, the type of navigation in case of multiple coupons, the title for archive page, number of columns, number of posts, sort order, etc

WP Coupons other important features:

Apart from creating single and archive coupon posts, below are some of the important features in the plugin that will help you speed up your work.

Adding coupons via shortcode:

The plugin provides a shortcode that can be added to any post or page to display the coupon panel.

There are two types of shortcodes available.

The first one is the archive shortcode and the second one is a single coupon shortcode that is available below the description of the single post input tab.

Adding coupons as related posts:

Configure WP coupon related posts

If enabled, this option adds a related coupon post below the selected post type. This is a useful feature to retain the visitor on the website and increase the engagement rate.

Importing and exporting WP Coupons settings:

This setting comes in handy if you’re working on a number of websites.

To import and export your WP Coupons settings, click into the “Extras” tab and then on “Tools.” This gives you a .json file that can be imported on other websites and the settings can be imported easily.

Note: Please take a backup before importing the settings as it will override the existing settings on the new site.

WP Coupons Review: Pros and Cons

We have already seen the work and explored some additional features that the plugin offers. Let’s quickly summarize the pros and cons of the WP Coupon plugin.


  • The plugin is easy to configure and settings are easy to understand.
  • The plugin comes with 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Archive page coupons, single page coupons, side panel coupons
  • Accessibility options available
  • Custom image options for Facebook and Twitter open graphs.


  • There are no images added in the support documentation which makes it difficult to understand.

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WP Coupons Plugin FAQ’s:

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to the WP Coupons plugin.

What is WP Coupons plugin?

WP Coupons plugin is a WordPress plugin specially designed for affiliate marketers to promote popular products. The plugin lets you create coupon panels with a call to action button which takes the user to the product website. Coupons plugin increases Click through rate on the website thereby increasing affiliate sales.

Do I need to have coding skills to use WP Coupons Plugin?

No, you do not need coding skills for using WP Coupons Plugin.

What is the Click to reveal feature in the WP Coupons plugin?

Like most retail coupon websites, the WP Coupons plugin has an awesome feature to hide the discount codes by default. When a user clicks the reveal button, a popup with the discount code and discount information is revealed.

Is there any discount code for WP Coupons plugin?

Yes, use coupon code – WPMAINS to grab 15% Off on the WP Coupons plugin.

WP Coupons Review: Conclusion

In this WP Coupons review article, we have seen that this plugin is definitely useful for adding coupons if you’re running an affiliate marketing blog.

The plugin’s notable features like creating a coupons archive page help website visitors to explore all the deals on a single page. Besides, the single coupon panels are also helpful in increasing the clicks from the side panels thereby increasing the affiliate revenue over time.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, you should definitely consider adding this plugin to our website to increase your affiliate income.

If you’re serious about affiliate marketing, you should definitely consider adding this plugin to our website to increase your affiliate income.

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