WP Dark Mode Review – a rising plugin in dark mode trends

WP dark mode review

You probably noticed that everyone in the tech industry is adding an extra feature on their websites, and that is dark mode. Well, let us tell you, it is not only to add an extra feature on their website, but actually, people prefer dark mode now. 

Yes, as we have become the generation of technology, people are spending more and more time on their computer screens. Slowly but eventually it is taking a toll o  their health, especially on their eyes. So, the best way to fight this problem is by adding a dark mode feature which actually helps. 

Because, when people read your website content with dark mode on, it puts less strain on their eyes. 

That is why everyone is opting to add a dark theme to their websites. But the question is, what is the best tool to add a dark mode, as everyone is not a coder. 

Well, for WordPress users we have got good news. Using the WP Dark Mode plugin, you can easily add a dark theme to your website. And you don’t need any coding experience to do that as well. 

So, today we are going to dig deep and tell you all the features and advantages of the WP Dark Mode plugin. Let’s get into it, shall we?

First, let’s start with the features. 

Exploring WP Dark Mode Features:

WP Dark Mode plugin is packed with features. No wonder it has reached such a milestone in such a short period of time. 

“ WP Dark Mode has reached the 10k Active Installation Mark”. 

This is a huge achievement itself. So, what features are talking about? Let’s see, shall we?

  • Time Mode Feature. As a user, you can easily set the time zone of their targeted visitor local time. The Dark Mode plugin will turn the website into dark mode at nighttime or the opposite automatically.
  • OS Based Color Mode Feature. The WordPress Dark Mode plugin detects the devices’ OS-based color mode and automatically shows when the OS preferred theme is dark.
  • Various Switch Styles. You will find that we have added various types of switch styles over every release. That way users can use any one according to their website design.
  • Elementor and Gutenberg Support. If you design a page with Elementor or Gutenberg, you can place the dark mode switch on any of the pages. Elementor and Gutenberg come as a widget for the WP Dark Mode.
  • Exclude Posts from Dark Mode. This is a very interesting feature of the Dark Mode plugin. If you want you can exclude any page or posts from the dark mode. This amazing feature makes the dark theme compatible with any kind of design.
  • Ready-Made Color Scheme. WP Dark Mode doesn’t mean only dark color. Matt Black or Greyish, Taupe or Charcoal. Or you can choose light yellowish font color for your dark background. Moreover, you can also choose a combination of dark purple and light blue shades.
  • Custom CSS Support. The WP Dark Mode gives you the full freedom to custom almost every dark mode feature. You can create your website as you want. You can easily edit buttons, form fields-specific sections, or the background color of the website whenever you want.
  • Dark Mode Image Replacement. You can set two different pictures at the same place on your website; one for the dark mode and another for the light. The lighter shade of your picture for the dark mode and the darker one for the light mode of the same picture. WP Dark Mode will automatically deliver it. Light or Dark, you can always deliver your users a wonderful experience.
  • You Get WooCommerce Plugin Support. Using the WordPress Dark Mode plugin, you can add a dark theme to your eCommerce store without altering the design. You can stand out from the rest of the eCommerce stores.
  • Add Dark Mode from the Default WordPress Menu. We have made some upgrades to our WordPress menu option. You can search all our plugins straight from the menu bar. You don’t have to search for the plugin in the WordPress plugin directory.
  • Ability to Choose Files from WP Media Library. You can add images right from the WP Media Library. All you need to do is upload the images to the WP Media Library and add your images from there.
  • Transition Styles. It was a long process of updating your site to dark mode. After every update, you needed to go to your site and check the changes. Now, you don’t have to do that. You can see the changes right from the menu bar using the transition styles.

Advantages of WP Dark Mode

Dark Mode has become a trend in recent years.

You will find many apps and sites that offer a dark theme to their readers and users. There are many reasons and advantages of using a Dark Mode plugin WordPress sites. We are only going to list only 10 of them.

1. WP Dark Mode Increases Visibility

It’s true that Dark Mode increases the visibility of any site. Because reading green text on a black background is much easier than reading text on bright lights.

Because many users and readers have light-sensitive eyes or photophobia, in which case they just can’t afford sudden exposure to very bright light. Also, readers like to read in dim light at times.

So, when a website has a dark theme option then it will help them read comfortably.

2. It provides a Comfortable Viewing Experience

This point extends the first point. When you add a WordPress Dark Mode plugin to your website users get a comfortable viewing experience.

After a long day of work, when the readers or users will browse your website at night, they will get a comfortable experience and will surely get a deep insight into your site.

3. The Dark Mode Plugin Increases Battery Life

A recent study shows that using dark mode on your phone can actually extend your life battery by 30%.

If you are using an LCD screen, then Dark Mode will have the same effect as white light. Because it works by blocking the light. It’s made up of two polarised glasses that contain a liquid crystal between them.

On the other hand, the OLED screen works a little differently. OLED Emitter is a carbon-based material that emits light when electricity is applied. On top of that are layers of the cathode, anodes, and some other layers.

4. You Will Get Less Strain on the Eyes

You likely invest a ton of your energy in ordinary taking a look at sites that utilize white backgrounds. You’ve gotten so accustomed to it that you don’t take notes. White foundations and brilliance are in reality exceptionally destructive to your eyes. Blue light is as well.

You might encounter eye strain, dry eyes, cerebral pain, and in the direst outcome imaginable, it can prompt retinal harm or even visual impairment.

The uplifting news is that you can forestall this large number of undesirable incidental effects. Go to lengths – utilize dark mode.

5. Improve Time on Page/Site

When users can get a comfortable view of your website they will spend more time on your website and it will surely increase your time on the page. And when your time-on-site increases it will surely affect your rankings on search engines.

6. Increase Conversion Rate

When your time on the page increases it will surely affect your conversion rate. Because the more the visitors will spend on your website the more they will know about your product or service. And when they will know about your product, the number of conversions will increase.

Now, let’s see how to install the WP Dark Mode plugin.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Your WordPress Site?

WP Dark Mode is the best WordPress Dark Mode plugin right now. With its amazing features, you can easily add a dark theme to your WordPress website. Today we are going to show how you can install the WP Dark Mode on your website.

Activate the plugin from WP Admin–> Plugin–> Add New.

Enable WP Dark Mode

Go to the WP Dark Mode–> Settings page in your WordPress admin and click on the General Settings tab. You should be redirected there automatically.

WP Dark Mode settings

There are quite a few options for you.

If you enable the “Enable Frontend Darkmode” that will enable the Dark Mode on the frontend of your website.

The button ‘Show Floating Switch’ when switched on means users can switch their view of the site to dark mode at any time, even if they haven’t enabled a Dark Mode option on their device.

Wp dark mode floating switch

The ‘Enable OS aware Dark Mode’ has been switched on. This means that visitors will automatically see the dark mode version of your site once their device is set to Dark Mode.

WordPress Dark mode

When you visit your website, you will see the switch in the bottom right corner. Click it to instantly switch your site too dark mode on your device.

But wait, there are more customization options available on the WP Dark Mode–> Settings » Color Settings. However, this is quite limited to the free plugin.

You can also customize the dark mode colors using the Style Settings tab:

dark mode settings

Click the Switch Settings tab to change the style of the floating switch:

dark mode switch settings


So, there it is. Now you know why WP Dark Mode has become so famous and how it affects every site. 

Big sites like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, etc have all embraced dark mode. So, it is time you embrace it as well.

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