Best Home Security Affiliate Programs for bloggers

Home security affiliate programs

Does it bother you when it comes to the security of your house or retail shops? Do you often feel the urge to verify whether your security system is suitable for you or not? Every moment feels completely risky if you don’t have a proper home security system in place.

The crime rates have significantly increased over time. Consequently, the purchase of home security hardware products has increased as well. In the future, this market can grow to 78.9 billion USD, thus emphasizing the need for security worldwide.

For the affiliates, it is a dual opportunity that serves to secure the household of people and earn a great deal for yourself. The home security affiliate programs are a place for all the security enthusiasts that own an influencing medium and better use it. 

Top home security affiliate programs to follow in 2020

As we go into the details, the home security affiliate programs are for those who can put their honest reviews in front of the people. Moreover, these programs are beneficial to keep track of customers purchasing it and thus, ensuring safety. 

  1. Brinks Home Security
  2. Hippo Home security affiliate program
  3. Guardline Security Affiliate Program
  4. Front point security affiliate program
  5. SimpliSafe affiliate program
  6. Vivint affiliate program
  7. ADT home security affiliate program
  8. Ring alarm affiliate program
  9. Protect America affiliate program
  10. Smarthome affiliate program
  11. Ismartsafe affiliate program

1. Brinks Home Security Affiliate Program


Brinks Home Security offers two types of programs as an affiliate. One is through the referral process, and the other one is by being an authorized representative. Both come with their perks, and any option can be beneficial. 


  • Get business insights managed by yourself and personalized training.
  • Get two months of free services to you and your preferred contact.
  • The affiliates get a chance of activating professional home security services for free.

How much can you make with this Brinks Home Security affiliate program?

Brinks Home Security offers generous commission and payments along with two months of free product services.

2. Hippo Home Security Affiliate Program 


Hippo Home Security makes security proactive by providing insurance. There is no point in having security unless it’s assuring. Thus Hippo offers insurance services to analyze the security of your assets and home. They tend to cover security with a traditional and insurance-based approach.


  • Insurance according to the value of your devices and worth.
  • Easy claiming procedures in case the security is compromised.
  • Get secured insurance for homes as well as smart devices with attractive coverages.

How much can you make with this Hippo Home Security affiliate program?

As an affiliate, you can earn as much as $25 as a commission fee for every successfully converted referral. 

3. Guardline Security Affiliate Program


Guardline Security is one of the leading pioneers in security with its heat and motion-detecting technologies. Their products can help detect the slightest movement around the property with wireless technology. In the home security affiliate programs like this, the affiliate can earn up to $45 per sale.


  • DIY installation procedure pays only for the product.
  • Developed for over 20 years with more than 2 lakh customers.
  • Further, get integrated add-ons such as ringtone, battery backup, and alarms.

How much can you make with this Guardline Security affiliate program?

You can earn around 25% from the affiliate program by Guardline, but the minimum threshold purchase amount needs to be $180.

4. FrontPoint Security Affiliate Program


FrontPoint has been protecting properties irrespective of power cuts, device smashers and deliberate cord-cutting. Moreover, they’re providing indoor cameras free on every purchase with home automation features. 

Along with easy installation, they can integrate with smart home devices such as Google and Alexa.


  • 30-days money-back trial period available.
  • Overcomes the climatic issues such as freezing temperatures.
  • Smart learning of the user routine and automatic unusual alert detection.

How much can you make with this FrontPoint Security affiliate program?

FrontPoint Security offers the commission up to $300 on every successful transaction made by a customer through the affiliate link. 

5. SimpliSafe Affiliate Program


Having home security that allows you to escape contracts is befitting for the people on rents. The charge per day is as low as 50 cents! Another attractive feature is the battery life of the security devices last as long as for a decade!


  • Secret PIN to enable the alert under the conditions the user is under threat to disarm.
  • Set up security alerts for your private areas in the home.
  • Get 60-day money back with free shipping and free return policy.

How much can you make with this SimpliSafe affiliate program?

There are no monetary benefits, but you can get up to 3 months of service for free with this affiliate program.

6. Vivint Affiliate Program


Vivint Home Security Solutions has secured over 1.5 million customers with free professional installation. Moreover, you can also get a facility of light control and a variety of thermostat detection systems. Vivint secures any intrusion activity through the garage with their smart garage opener device.


  • Automate your home to enjoy enhanced security features.
  • Get a hub along with an app to control the security from home.
  • Get a free doorbell camera upon by buying through a referral link.

How much can you make with this Vivint affiliate program?

You can earn $200, probably the highest, by the home security affiliate programs. Moreover, your referral traffic also benefits!

7. ADT Home Security Affiliate Program

Adt home security affiliate programs

ADT Home Security provides a monthly contract offer, again useful for rent-based homes. Besides, every product that comes to you is under examination by expert engineers. Therefore, this diminishes the chances of flaws. 


  • Get insured of protection from burglary with their guaranteed claim.
  • Get eligibility for the discounted package through their Alarm Monitoring certificate.
  • As an affiliate, get known as an authorized ADT dealer.

How much can you make with this ADT Home Security affiliate program?

With the ADT program, you and the referred friend can earn $50 as a commission fee and a reward. 

8. Ring Alarm Affiliate Program 


Ring offers an additional and unique security feature that is a personal emergency response team. Moreover, you can get customized devices based on your home size and requirements. Get protected from floods, smoke, intrusion, and other emergencies that are natural disasters and burglary. 


  • Customized three independent levels of controls.
  • Easy integration with third-party systems.
  • Visual illustrations of security to decide your best package. 

How much can you make with this Ring Alarm affiliate program?

You will receive a $10 credit towards a future purchase of any Ring device on 

9. Protect America Affiliate Program

ProtectAmerica home security affiliate programs

Protect America offers an application to manage the control of your devices- more than just alerting. This feature of Protect America can also alert the monitoring team and dispatch the police on your behalf under suspicious events. Moreover, a zero installation fee is a bonus. 


  • Affiliates get paid within a week for their successful conversions.
  • One of the customized home security affiliate programs depends on your traffic size and plans. 
  • Get free products up to $1400 and an HD doorbell camera.

How much can you make with this Protect America affiliate program?

You can earn as much as $300 as a commission fee with the Protect America Dealer program.

10. Smarthome Affiliate Program


SmartHome has been the retailer in the varying products of home security at the lowest prices. For the affiliates, you can get exclusive content for blogging and influencing social media- including the email marketing content.


  • Hassle-free return policies with free shipping.
  • 30-day cookie policy to track the conversions.
  • Get customized and frequent offer coupons for impactful marketing.

How much can you make with this Smarthome affiliate program?

You can earn as much as 4% of the sale as a commission fee. Average smart home security products range over $200. 

11. Ismartsafe Affiliate Program 

Ismartsafe home security affiliate programs

Ismartsafe home security devices add value to your security by enabling pet-friendly features. No more false alarms now! Also, get a two-way communication feature through the sensors and a lithium battery support in case of a power cut. 


  • Device compatibility of 100 sensors and range extending up to 400 feet.
  • One of the home security affiliate programs with the highest conversion rate of 18%.
  • Application support that provides SMS and Email alerts on the slightest unusual activity.

How much can you make with this Ismartsafe affiliate program?

Get a commission fee of 5% on an average purchase of $299 by your affiliate-generated traffic.

Our conclusion on Home security affiliate programs

As we are wrapping up, we recommend to wisely choosing affiliate programs that have been beneficial for you as well as society. Many of the home security affiliate programs offer a minimum of 25$ to a maximum of 300$ as a commission. It is advisable to choose the one according to your outreach and influence, such as Hippo, Simplisafe, or Guardline.

Affiliation with the home security programs has additional features such as free services and products to improvise the sale. Moreover, another unique attribute that these programs offer is a reward for your affiliate traffic as well—definitely a reason why people can quickly come to buy from you. So start with your affiliate program right away!

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