My name is Rahul. I am Digital Marketer & Part-time Blogger.

I started my career in Marketing and that’s where I discovered WordPress. I started building websites, learned coding and delivered many websites as a freelancer. Overtime, my obsession with building lightning fast websites increased and that’s what I love doing for my clients.

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I have been more than 6 years in digital marketing industries, and have help more than 4 companies to grow their business.

About Me

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These are the most popular tools and we personally use them. If you’re serious about Blogging and online money, we highly recommend these 3 tools.

Elementor is the best drag and drop page builder that makes desinging a website fast and easy.


SEMRush is the complete digital marketing tool for keyword research, rankings and backlinks.

Kadence theme

Kadence is a free theme with fast loading features, customization settings, and beautiful templates.

My Experience

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Digital Marketing Manager

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Senior Digital Marketing

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Digital Marketing Executive

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Luiz Enrique

Digital Marketing Resource

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Latest from My Blog

I spend most of my time writing articles about WordPress websites, and Digital marketing trends. Read my articles to stay updated on the latest events.

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