Best Webinar Software in 2021 (Mostly Freemium)

Best webinar software

What kind of webinar software does your business need? Does even your company need any software? What’s your end goal? These are big questions. Undoubtedly, many prominent marketers are hosting webinars these days, especially during Covid-19. It is forcing every business to do sales meetings and in-person events virtually

Using the best webinar software is one of the best ways to interact with your employees who work from home and with leads.

Once you decide that you need it for your business and even more critical, questions arise in your mind- which of the several software available in the market should you choose and be best for your business? Hosting webinars is challenging, sometimes there is a problem of the Internet, or sometimes we randomly get booted out of the meetings.

The factors such as

  • How many viewers can you present at one time?
  • Easy to use plugins
  • How much can you spend on it?
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Would You Benefit from Being Able to Edit?

matters while deciding webinar software for your business. There are many options in the market, but we are here to guide you through the best webinar software based on your requirements.

Before we jump into the details, let’s go through the quick compendium about different webinar software that we will be covering.

Top Webinar software to look for in 2021

The list which we have compiled for you made after analyzing and using each webinar software on the following key points:

  • Easy to use
  • Integrations and marketing use
  • Pricing
  • Features

Considering the factors mentioned above, let’s start our list of webinar software in detail.

1. Demio

Demio webinar software

Demio is the webinar software that provides you no-download webinar experience. It provides you with all the marketing tools to generate better results and boost your brand.

In demio, you can customize everything according to your brand. You can create registration pages, send reminders. You’ll also get access to several interactive components, such as @mentions, Q&As, CTAs, polls, shareable files, and more.

It has all the video conferencing facilities like live and automated webinars, replays of the recorded video, registration landing pages, etc. With the help of Demio, there is an automatic HD recording with a sharable link that you can share with your audience after the live streaming.

Features of Demio:

  • The live sessions get recorded automatically in the cloud.
  • It provides Chats, polls, handouts, for a great waiting room experience.
  • It offers built-in analytics and insights.
  • You can easily combine it with other marketing tools for better engagement.
  • It also sends Email and event reminders to your attendees from your side.


It offers you 14 days free trial, the annual starter pack is $34 monthly, and the business pack is $163 monthly. If you pay annually for the whole package, then you can get a discount of 30%.

2. Livestorm

Livestorm webinar software

Livestorm is a powerful tool for video conferencing for all sizes of the company. With Livestorm, you don’t have to worry about your events, as Livestorm creates beautiful registration pages and sends reminders for you.

It also gives you full control to customize your emails according to your needs. You can quickly reach from any device, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

With the help of Livestorm, you can either do live, on-demand, or automated webinars. You can also connect your Livestorm with any tool to get insights and data directly from the dashboard.

Features of Livestorm:

  • Full control over your branding
  • You can Automate all the crucial moments of your event.
  • It has features like a one-click invitation, screen-sharing, and embed registration forms.
  • Provides detailed insights and performance data
  • It enables you to combine more than 1,000 apps.
  • Easy for people to join your webinars.


Livestorm is available at a low price of $89, which has up to 100 viewers and 4 hours for your webinars. The Meet Premium plan is free for Covid-19. You can customize the features according to your budget.

3. GoToWebinar


GoToWebinar is one of the popular webinar software available in the market. While using this you don’t have to worry about the clutter that comes with organizing a webinar. They handle everything for you. You need to focus on reaching more people and select the date on which you want to host.

While using it, you will have access to several in-built webinar templates that gives you a fantastic experience of hosting a webinar. It has a highly converted registration page that can promote your upcoming event with massive traffic on GoToWebinar.

Features of GoToWebinar:

  • Quick and easy virtual event management
  • It has features like Videos, polls, GoToStage sharing, and more to boost engagement.
  • Automatic email invitations, confirmations, and reminders
  • Provides your data on attendees and performance
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • You can stream webinars from anywhere in the world from all popular devices.


GoToWebinar offers a seven day free trial for testing, and the Starter plan starts at $89 per month per organizer, which allows for 100 participants.

4. Webinar Ninja

WebinarNinja - webinar software

Webinar Ninja is an all-in-one platform that gives you everything you need to run your webinars. It has Live, Automated, Hybrid, Series or Summits, and more webinar options. Whether you’re just started or have been doing webinars for a while, this reliable platform helps your business & brand to grow.

With features like thank you and sign-up pages, create your webinar in a minute. It provides you with a complete set of marketing tools to engage with your audience efficiently.

WebinarNinja is the cloud-based webinar. Your audience can join your webinar with any web browser, on desktop, or any mobile device.

Features of WebinarNinja:

  • You can create your webinar in 10 seconds.
  • It has integrations with 1,000+ apps with Zapier.
  • You don’t need to juggle between screens—everything on one screen.
  • Create Live, Automated, Series, Summits & Hybrid Webinars very quickly.
  • You don’t require any additional software with built-in landing pages, email reminders & more.


It offers you a 14 days free trial period, and the starter pack is $39 with only 100 webinar viewers. The famous pro plan is $79 with 300 webinar viewers.

5. ClickMeeting

ClickMeeting - webinar software

ClickMeeting has an impressive user interface. With the help of this free webinar software, you can reach out to your customers for training, product sales, marketing, and more such aspects.

It is a platform that also provides you options for creating automated webinars and customized invites. It also offers thorough insights regarding your past webinars and the data related to the upcoming webinar’s audience.

Features of ClickMeeting:

  • For knowing the feedback of your attendees you can use the poll feature.
  • For better assistance by the portal, there are options for Chat and interaction sessions.
  • To improve the engagement of your webinar you can connect with Facebook and Youtube.
  • Now you can easily download the recorded audio and video of live session
  • You can present your presentations and session in HD video quality.


It offers you a 30 days free trial, and rates start at $25 per month for 25 attendees or $35 per month for up to 50 viewers.

6. EverWebinar

Everwebinar - webinar software

EverWebinar is ideal for delivering screen sharing tutorials or PowerPoint presentations in the best quality. It is best for small and medium-sized businesses to generate leads and boost their sales using Webinars.

It is built with a direct alliance with WebinarJam, although the parent company sells them separately. There’s no plugin or app to download or install, which minimizes your confusion and technical hiccups. It is the best platform to know your audience and their preferences to make your webinars more engaging and interactive.

Features of EverWebinar:

  • You can easily switch between WebinarJam and EverWebinar pages.
  • You can mark your previously held webinar as green for the evergreen webinar.
  • Increase conversions with simulated interaction.
  • You can handle real-time questions while the presentation runs on autopilot.
  • Seamless import from WebinarJam.


EverWebinar gives three different pricing plans, with no feature differences between the programs:

  • Installment Plan – $199 per year ( 3 times )
  • Annual plan – $499 per year
  • Biennial Plan – $799 per two years

7. Zoom

Zoom - webinar software

Zoom is a general-purpose video conferencing tool that purveys for business meetings, collaboration, and dedicated webinar solutions.

The best part is that it provides private and public chats, so the audience does not interrupt the speaker while he or she is pointing at something important. Zoom offers HD video and audio, screen sharing, desktop, and app sharing features.

Features of Zoom:

  • It has a backup of every meeting in a cloud.
  • Now you can broadcast your webinars to Facebook Live and YouTube.
  • Efficient host controls and virtual whiteboards.
  • It is user-friendly and has an easily navigable dashboard.
  • It’s free to sign up.
  • It has a feature of screen sharing as well.


It has a free plan that offers 40 minutes on the webinar and allows you to up to 100 participants. The Basic paid program provides every feature along with 1 GB of cloud recording and costs $14.99 per month. 

Best Webinar Software: Conclusion 

The best part of the webinar software is that these tools are incredibly customizable and allow you to transform the webinars according to your requirements. These tools help you to add a personal touch while interacting with your audience during a sales pitch. 

We have used the above best webinar software and personally liked the software mentioned above. It’s difficult to choose the best because every user has a different set of data, and the requirement might also differ. 

But we suggest Demio and Livestorm as they are the webinar marketing platform with both marketing features and automated or hybrid webinars. 

However, I suggest you take a thorough look at each webinar software and try out free trials. If you have any queries regarding webinar software, then do let us know in the comment section below. We look forward to hearing from you. 

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