WP Table Builder Review – Go with Free Or Pro version?

WP Table Builder Review - Free Or Pro?

Using tables in posts/pages can increase the conversion rates dramatically. That’s why we always see pricing options in table formats.

When it comes to adding tables in WordPress posts/pages, we can use the default ‘Table’ block in the WordPress block editor.

It’s okay if you want to create simple tables. But if you’re going to create beautiful tables with elements like buttons, ratings, icons, etc., you’ll have to use a dedicated table plugin.

There are a handful of table plugins out there. Among them, WP Table Builder is the most beginner-friendly and easy-to-use table plugin.

In this WP Table Builder review article, we’ll dive deep into the plugin features, settings, and how much we need to pay to get the Pro version.

About WP Table Builder

Creating a table with WordPress’s default block editor is hectic and might not look stunning or professional. With WP Table Builder, you can create fantastic-looking tables to highlight your product details in no time.

Creating a table with WordPress default options will not do the job alone if it’s not responsive.
Making the table responsive gives a hard time to the CSS developers as well. WP Table builder is here to rescue you from the responsive problem.

wp table builder review

Build any type of table, and it will be responsive automatically because the developers have invested a quality amount of time, making it responsive and functional. 

You can regard this plugin as one of the ultimate table builders. With WP table builder, you can use your product images along with highlighted details. Not only that, but you can also add Buttons, star reviews, custom HTML codes, etc.

Do not worry! You don’t have to have any coding knowledge for creating a table in WordPress using WP Table Builder.

You just need to drag and drop the plugin elements into the table to create a great-looking table for highlighting your products and details. It is the best choice for making comparison tables, data tables, pricing tables, list tables, food menu lists, Member list tables, Amazon affiliate product tables, and many more. 

Loaded with a bunch of handy features makes the process of creating a table easier as well.

Let’s start digging into some of the best features offered by WP Table Builder. 

WP Table Builder Features

Any feature that you might need in a WordPress table builder plugin is available in it.

The plugin offers you incredible settings that allow you to create flexible layouts with significant modifications. This plugin is available both in the free version and Pro version.

Table Elements

Currently, the plugin has 7 elements in the free version and more than 5 in the pro version. These free 7 elements are Text, Image, List, Button, Star rating, Custom HTML, and Shortcode.

A fantastic thing about the plugin is that its intuitive cell management mode lets you add or remove columns and rows. Moreover, you can modify the row height and column width.

wp table builder elements

Text:  With its powerful Text element, you can modify text alignment, font size, font color, typography, etc. The only limitation I found is you cannot add custom fonts. 

Image: The Image element lets you add your photo and modify its alignment, size, setting image, alter text, etc. Plus, you can add links to your image, just like you do on a website. 

List: Now, you can even add any list in your table with WP Table Builder’s List element. Create an ordered or unordered list without any coding knowledge. You can also set the color, font size, item spacing, alignment of your list.

Button: Adding a button in your table lets your visitor take action quickly. For example, they can directly go to your site’s checkout or cart option if you use your button that way. You can also send them to your desired landing page using CTA(Call to Action). Resizing its text color, button color, set its border-radius is a piece of cake—one thing to mention is that you cannot put hover effects on it as of now.

Star Rating: You can also set a star rating for your product. Often people buy a product that has a higher rating. You can set its rating manually and can show numbers instead of stars.

Custom HTML: With the Custom HTML element, you can make anything using HTML knowledge. 

Short Codes: Using shortcodes, you can show anything you want in your table cell. So there is room for freedom to display whatever you want. 

There is always a reason to make some elements only for the pro version, as it has some more functionalities that a regular one does not offer.

Let’s see what those pro elements and their function are.

wp table builder functions

The Pro elements are Circle Rating, Icon, Ribbon, Styled List, and Text Icon.

Circle Rating: You can take your rating style further with The Circle rating. One advantage is that you can manually put your rating just like the star rating, but I tell you that the circle rating is more stunning and useful. 

Icon: The icon element is a handy one with which you can add icons to the table. Even you can resize it and select its color & alignment, plus, you can adjust spacing. 

List Icon: In the Pro version, I like this one the most as it lets me add text next to my icon. I can choose any icon I want, resize them, change the font’s color and space between them. Thanks to their vast Icon library. You can also adjust each item’s space vertically. It is just like Elementor’s Icon list widget. 

Text Icon: This one is particularly effective when you want the Icon list’s one item alone in a cell in the table. The difference is this widget allows you to move the icon position to the left or right. 

The rest is the same. 

In a nutshell, I felt that I am using a table builder that works like Elementor, just it does not take time to load its engine like Elementor. Its elements are rich and have the potential to lend you a hand to create a perfect-looking table for any type of list. 

It will not let you down; instead, you would think about why you did not use this versatile table builder earlier. 

Prebuilt Templates

Often there is a situation when you have no time to make a professional table’s layout due to some of the urgency. To solve this problem, WP Table builders have added some stunning cool pre-built templates where you can modify the content, and your table is ready for embed. So that you can make incredible tables quickly anytime you want.  

Moreover, you can save your custom template as a preset to use in the future. Prebuilt templates are convenient when you’re short on time to make a stunning table. Currently, the plugin has 11 pre-built templates with their pro version. 

Advanced Customizations

With WP Table Builder, you can modify every aspect of the table easily by dragging. If you wish to move your table’s cells, column, or row to another place, you can do it with just a click of your mouse. Plus, you can also duplicate them. 

I love its one aspect most; it’s the background feature. From the background settings, I can change the header’s background. I can also customize the table border to give it a perfect look. 

Moreover, it allows you to select border color and inner border. Adding padding in the table’s cell, alignment, cell width is a piece of cake from the settings panel.

Responsive Design

Make your table not only professionally incredible but also responsive with WP Table Builder. 

Any table you create with this table builder will be responsive as fluid. Thanks to its developer team for making that happen. Your table will be responsive if you activate the option called Enable Responsive Table. 

It will also allow you to set your desired target width to select either window or container. You can set your top row as a header or disable it. Plus, you can put cell stack direction and cells per row. 

Gutenberg Integration

WP Table Builder is integrated with Gutenberg, which is good news for people who do not like using shortcodes. This plugins’ Gutenberg block lets you see the table’s live preview right within WordPress’s editor. Therefore, you won’t be overwhelmed about which table you have embedded. 

I love the feature more because it lets me create new tables and embed them right from the block instantly. I don’t need to open a new tab to create a new table as I navigate the builder and then come back to embed it. 

Creating A Table With WP Table Builder

So far, we have known that it is a piece of cake, creating a table with the table builder. Let’s look at how easy it is to create a table with this plugin and how it looks in real life. 

Let’s take a look!

After successfully installing the plugin on your WordPress website, the Table builder option will be available on the Dashboard’s left menu bar. 

First, you have to click on Table Builder or hover to Table Builder and select the Add New button. It will lead you to the next page to create a table. 

On this page, either you can create a new one by clicking the blank icon, or you can select a pre-built template to start making a table fast. 

If you choose the blank option to create a table from scratch, it will allow you to select the required row and column for a table. After adjusting the row & column and modifying table contents & customization, click on the Generate button, and that’s it! Your table is created. 

After creating your desired table, you need to give your table the right name and click on the SAVE TABLE button on the right top corner. 

Creating a table with WP Table builder is that easy. It is more than just a table builder.

Now the question is, how can you import this table into your content?

wp table builder shortcode

For importing your table, you need a shortcode, which will be generated after saving a table. Go to your dashboard and hover on Table Builder, and select All Tables. Here, you need to find it by its title. 

All you need is the shortcode of that saved table. 

wptable builder pricing

When writing your content, add the Shortcode widget in your post where you need to add that shortcode, and your table will be inserted. 

You can see the table in preview mode. It’s that easy. 

WP Table Builder Pricing

In this WP Table Builder review, I can undoubtedly say it is a robust table builder for WordPress. In my opinion, this plugin’s power and independence provide you to create advanced tables that could not have been possible with other plugins. 

Currently, they are offering 3 plans. The Starter Plan is better if you want to use it for only one site a year. This plan costs only $39.99 a year.

Their Pro plan is only at $99.99 for 100 sites a year. I think it is more reasonable and the best deal if you own more than 5-10 sites. If you want to compare their pricing with other advanced table builders, you are more than welcome to do it. I guarantee you won’t find a better deal than exceeding theirs.

If you wish to use the table builder for a lifetime, you should buy their Lifetime Plan, a one-time purchase that will cost you $299.99. You can use the plugin forever for unlimited websites. 

Be sure to check them out! 

Pros of WP Table Builder

Here are some notable advantages of WP Table Builder that you would love when you use it: 

  • Beginner Friendly user interface
  • Create tables with simple drag & drop feature.
  • Provides tons of options to customize everything without the need of CSS
  • Available in the free version and better pricing for the pro version
  • Incredible cell management options
  • Fluid responsive
  • It lets you import tables from XML or CSV files.
  • Best elements to create a table 
  • Can migrate old tables or spreadsheet data

There are a lot of notable features that I didn’t include in the list. But that doesn’t mean those features are not significant. This plugin is unique in its way. 

Cons of WP Table Builder

Everything in the world has two sides. If one is light, then the other is dark. Nothing in this world is perfect. There are a few cons as well of this best table builder plugin. Here are some notable disadvantages that are nothing compared to what it’s offering you:

  • Adding a custom font is not available.
  • There is no hover effects option available nor animation.
  • No option for adding custom CSS for further styling
  • JSON files are not supported
  • The free version does not include any pre-built templates.


Many WordPress users are using this table builder for their daily driver to create tables. Even major WordPress publications and reviewers recommend this excellent table builder. You can create a unique-looking table within 5 minutes if you want to start from scratch or save your time using a pre-built template. 

It’s like the Elementor page builder plugin but for tables. On top of that, if you are an affiliate marketer or blogger who is always into comparing different types of products to highlight the product details and create incredible visual tables, this is the tool perfect for you. 

Whether you want to create a standard table or an advanced one, the WP Table builder lets you build one. They seem to have a good team actively releasing new features now and then to enrich their product. 

It is indeed a perfect choice for a table plugin. If you have further queries after reading this WP table builder review, please let me know in the comments section. And if you’ve enjoyed the post, let your friends know about this fantastic table builder by sharing the post and recommending this plugin to them. 

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